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For sale 3 pairs of RL Marlow shell cordovans. All worn less than 15 times. Topy has been applied. PTB size US 8E, Penny US8.5D and Tassell US 8.5D. Please remember no refunds. Items in Sydney , Australia. $400USD per pair. Standard FREE Shipping world wide included. regs Md
Hi gents, I have few pairs of shoes for sale . 3 pairs of Marlow cordovans. PTB in U.S. 8. Penny and tassels in U.S. 8.5. Made in UK by Crockett and jones. Worn less than 15 times with topy applied. Also c&j Sydney Seude loafers in UK 7 also with topy.Marlow $400 each and Sydney loafers $300. Plus loake cannon double monk in polo Seude UK 8 - worn less than 5 times-$220. Plus whole heaps of Allen Edmonds in U.S. 8. Unfortunately can't fit into them anymore. Pm me for more...
@Prince of Paisley indeed it's the best advice .
[/quote]Or just get the black bay with nato [[SPOILER]]
This arrived in the mail today. [[SPOILER]]
^^What ever you do don't look like the first picture.
Hi gents, where do you get decent quality (cheap)nato straps from? I finally got a superocean 42 and went for the cheapest option with leather & tang buckle. Plan to wear mostly with nato straps.
Sure. They are quite regular on eBay and seasonal sale. Size down on them by 1-2 sizes. They are quite long- mine go half way between my knee and ankle.
This coat is seems to be a regular collection.
@dukedishin jacket is small. It also looks quite short- unless you are wearing pants way below your waist.
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