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I went with the faded olive. Lol that you asked me if I am still happy with it. Truthful answer is I am waiting for it grow on me. This is a very masculine jacket and over powers most of my outfits. I'm still in the process to find how to wear this better. I think six months of wear will soften the silhouette.Did you end up getting the navy commander? I actually stocked up and bought a navy liddesdale.
Navy is more versatile, more city appropriate. Olive is the most iconic colour for Barbour.
End clothing has 20% off with spring20. Anyone fancy a belstaff roadmaster will come down to $830 shipped!
RMW had a corporate discount with my employer of 20%off prepaid gift cards. They have terminated this program few weeks ago. I assume they might have done that with others as well. They obviously want to upmarket the brand.
Get them. FYI I may have seen you few weeks ago in parramatta station around 7 pm. Wearing suit , tan filson and a stick umbrella. I remember that massive fup with train delays.
Enjoy your new jacket. This jacket will look better with wear.
Only $250 AUD + shipping
Only $200 AUD + shipping
only $275 AUD + shipping
On a another note received my belstaff roadmaster today. First impression - the quality is there. Attention to details are great- even stitching throughout, no loose threads. Zipper and snap buttons are quality items and build to last. Lining is a durable but very soft to touch. Made in Romania. But under very strict quality control. Fit is as I expected. I ordered a it36 and can fit a suit jacket underneath easily. I am sure I can also fit a sweater under the suit. Mr...
New Posts  All Forums: