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Very pleased with the result. All done within few hours.
I have an obsession with navy shoes . I currently have 3 pairs - navy shell cordovan florsheim ,AE players navy suede and Grenson navy suede . I had a pairs of AE park ave new in box for a very long time . And I always wanted a pair of navy captoe ! Over the years I have seen many step by step guide in style forum on how to re dye a pairs of shoes in to different colour. While it's not impossible , it's not easy either. Anyway finally today I thought what would be a...
^^ correction its 75% of my dream box gone.
60% of my dream box gone. including new season items.
I am really stuffed now. After 2 months of no purchase ended up spending over in 2 suits in last 3 days. Canali in Dark brown $476 and a Stile Latino grey linen & wool $473. Oh well you only live once !
^^ My last suit from yoox had the same thing. Thinking about it now - i think all suits form yoox comes this way.
Ae players navy suede
both c&j-
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