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Life is too short. Be selfish and buy the watch.Anyone planning to get married/ moving in together - keep individual bank account/ CC. Individual financial situation = you get to spend your hard earned bonus on stupid things.
Wrist shot- subscribed.
I have worked as an accountant for a while and worked extensively on individual and small businesses tax , gst and books.This is how I have seen people does it- declare both job as primary on ATO . So they don't get charged high tax on the second job. At the end of the financial year; tax return time it will be evident that the person had two jobs. But he/she can claim a lot more on tax/reduce the tax amount to pay back ATO. Having 2 jobs makes possible to claim...
Good advice. 15% discount is possible via AD.Look at the watch and go back home. Call the store next day and ask for the manager and tell him you are willing to buy the watch right now with CC if he does 15%. You will get it. If not ring few more stores. 20% used to be norm for omega 3/4 years ago. Not worth buying brand new if discount below 15%.If you are in Sydney pm me and I will give you a manager contact for an AD for 15% ( can even get 20% if you are lucky). Best...
Vintage can be costly as far as maintenance goes. There is a speedy moon watch re-issue coaxial. Beautiful- just look it up at YouTube.I believe this is made by Oscar hunt(time and tide watch Insta). I laughed when I saw this. So much of MTM talks- have you exhausted good RTW options?? Save your money and buy suit supply or save and get bespoke .
Congratulations - I hope you negotiated and got a good discount . Now get some nato.
Sure can do. Best time to buy them however May; when they also add additional $25 gift card with every $100 purchase on top of the already 20% off.
I can purchase RMW gift cards through API at 20% off. Ask your employer to join the benefit program!
I have a BB burgundy and its an absolute beauty. Also look at Tudor heritage ranger - my next purchase.
^^ Black bay is a fantastic watch. And you can still get a submariner later. Get the burgundy one as some predicts this could be a future classic. $4050 on a bracelet is a steal (plus discount) . You won't regret it.
New Posts  All Forums: