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Today prl navy doe skin blazer, grey flannel hy trousers.
10% off @ eBay. Min Spend $75 CTENOFF 10% off @ eBay when your purchase is $75 or more. Can be used twice. Max discount $300. Ends 10/8. Payment by PayPal only.
Yoox is terrible at product description and pictures. Lbm unlined casual suits- 36r is about 27.75 to 28.5(boc). For casual suit I can live with that. This model is probably 188cm and wearing a size 36.
What is your rmw size? I can buy them from DJs @ 20%+ 10% (28% total discount) via insider 😉 (even on sale items)
It's a good time to pickup some summer suits. Pulled trigger on this , some other sizes are available. Absolute bargain. I have few lbm deconstructed/ garment dyed suits and they are a real pleasure to wear on a beautiful summer day. It's a relaxed & effortless look .
Kimber jacket sold out in my size (thank god). It's still very expensive option. Thanks Gerry for your view on the Camo pattern. Didn't find many pictures of this jacket in action. At $140 aud shipped- told myself what the heck!
Epaulet has further 30% off sale code 30%offsale. Ordered the camo field jacket for $107 usd shipped. Ordered small, will still try to put it over a suit; if possible at all.
Poor quality selfie.
Quick question for all the experts. Is the waist suppression too much on the jacket? It's a 36r. I am 5'9.5" , chest 37 waist 26. Have quite broad shoulders and need jacket with 17" if padded/ lightly padded and 16.75 if completely unstructured. This is a prl Bradford, low buttoning point and light shoulder padding but quite structured around the sleeve head. Jacket length boc 30.5 . I have long legs and arms. My ideal sleeve length is 25" from shoulder. This is 25.5". My...
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