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Today rlbl Anthony khaki jacket.
Is that a good thing or bad?!I am seriously considering buying a sheersucker suit after watching Michael Douglas wearing one on 'And so it goes '. I'm dark skinned and can pull off light jackets.Anyway today a spring jacket (olive herringbone, linen & silk).
Gents , is it worth buying a sheersucker suit for Sydney summer? Really wanting to get one. Any aus members rocking sheersucker suit ??
PZ suit. Sorry no tie.
Today's fit
Today lbm1911 suit
Guys any updates on next Sydney meet up??
Another day another navy blazer. This is polo classic navy doeskin .
Gents , no need to argue. Weight and body fat are all related to genetic factors. Be happy and eat well ; and don't worry about body fat and such. 12 months ago I had a full medical checkup, the only time I did that. My BMI kg/m2 18.8 , body fat was 8.6% and I eat everything. From kfc to pizza and I munch on chocolate almost every day. What I am trying to say is just be yourself and be happy about it. Edit - found the report it also states total cholesterol mmol/l 4.15 ,...
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