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Count me in.
Most odd jackets demands grey pants. Beige and tan also works well. I have few navy worsted wool pants. I used to wear them with brown jackets. Not so much these days. Light blue / pale blue jacket works well with navy. Better still just get more grey and tan. Darker pants with lighter jacket looks a bit casual .
Stick to HY pants. It's hard to find flannel pants/ decent quality pants. Other good options incotex and Mabitex. Mabitex sartorial line construction is little better than HY and has pick stitching along side seam.
You buy cars according to your income. Anyone with good credit history can borrow full purchase price of a car. Car will depreciate its value - but it will not stop people buying cars altogether. You only live once - if you love the car and can afford it then go and buy. Does anyone owns an x3 here ? Planning to get one.
I am not a loake expert. Bought them form gilt. On the box it says made to order !!! go figure ....Anyone bought from gilt can you please confirm if its in the box ??
Online purchase - most people dropped over 1 full size on loake. Too late to swap. uk8 would've been too long. even uk7.5 seems quite long. Easily my last pair of Loake. I was limping on them after work 700 m walk to the station.
Loake killed my feet today. I wear 8 eee in all AE lasts. Cannon uk 7.5G was still pressing against my toes. The left toe box stiffers gave me blisters on my toe(skin came out - had to put band aid after words). As it was rubbing on my top of my toes while I was walking. The sole felt a bit too thin and foot bed not so comfy when I compare against AE or C&J. Felt like walking on hard surface felt everything that I walked on.Felt wired pain on my heel as well after 8hr...
It can take a very long time , depending on total k's as well as body weight. My PTB is still too tight after year and half. I have worn them about. 10 times. Penny still too tight worn them about 20 times in last year and half. Good luck. Tight shoes are real pain on the toes!
Crazy prices . I hope some rugby fans out there to pay that sort of money. Good luck with your auction .
X post from loake . . maiden voyage - Pants HY wool 95% cashmere 5%.
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