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Ae players navy suede
both c&j-
^^ SAB sells them.
This is what I enjoyed most (on the right)-
Those looks comfy. What size are those black pair?
looks too clownish to me. Don't look natural - looks too try-hard (in my opinion).
Missed out on few things. Waited 4/5 hours and few items sold out. Funny yoox prices are as much as some one is willing to pay. If you don't buy it and some one else thinks it worths the price bam sold out!
^Trend Corneliani is fused construction is that right ? I am a 34-36r do you have anything in my sizing ?
I have 2 LBM 1911 suits. One is unstructured and unlined - Beautiful suit and fabric , other is fully lined and fused - with not so great fabric. 2 suits fits completely differently. I have high shoulder and slim waist. Thus no padding on shoulder works really well. Just keep in mind their sizing is all over the place. One of my suit is drop 8 other is 6 and both are in completely different cut and different fabric quality - they even had different tags and different...
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