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Got a pair of yearling craftsman chestnut boots for $215 from dj Elizabeth st store this afternoon. Store was packed with suits buying multiple pairs of RMW . I don't really want to say this - but they feel more comfortable then any of my other shoes. Not a good sign !
Mate I am also a PA 8eee . Go uk 8F and you should be fine. But if there is a 8G available I would probably get it instead.
Nice ... Is that your mrs or your assistant ?? Lol
Where are these 30% off codes comming from. Do they work in all regions ? I never got one .
^^thanks Ray for the above post. I love my flap over SAB . It's in London tan just over 2 years old still looks brand new. I am really waiting for it to darken . How long does it really takes for them to get patina ? I apply the leather feed provided once in every 5/6 months or so.
Makes sense . I also noticed the fit difference on flannel and tropical wool pants.
My 256 arrived today . Enough space for my daily use .
So far I have only good experience from HY . Price vs quality he beats everyone. When you order why not read the measurements ? They are accurate. I am not saying he should ignore your email. But at the same time I would hate if he employ someone to answer all the emails and puts the price up. What you are getting for your money is steal. I have purchased 7 pair of pants from him and I can tell you all my future odd trousers will also be HY. Just read the measurements and...
^^ true.
Best solution ... wear the hugo boss then on the weeding light a fire and as a respect burn the suit in front of the guests . And take some picture of it burning on your iphone and post back at this thread and on facebook. That may inspire all hugoboss suit owners to burn their suits as well. This world would be a better place without them.
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