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I wear most AE 8 EEE and DB 8 d fits well. I believe they are 1/4 size larger than TTS. The shell used in DB very good and triple leather Goodyear welting is rock solid. If occasional care is taken they could easily last 20++ years.
I bought total of 7 pairs of pants form HY. At first time I felt they are bit roomier than my other pants. Over time - loving these classic fits. Pants drapes really well.
that pair was a 7H . Short and wide makes it really ugly. But being side elastic boots 7.5 bit of heel lip.
They are craftsman model with screwed sole . I was in shorts on weekend shopping. DJ is no longer carrying them and hence the price reduction . I was really tempted but just could like it. If you are in Sydney and want to buy RM Williams gifts cards at 25% off retail you can pm me. You will however owe me beer .
It's in Havana cut. SS offering a EU 44 which will actually be perfect. They have a good range of patterned jackets with shipping it's about $425 USD .
I was going to buy these brand new pair for $225. Plus 10% off through api . Then once I tried them on looked really ..... . So passed. They are craftsman. I can buy RMW prepaid gift cards for 25% discount through API - which my employer is a participant.
Count me in.
Most odd jackets demands grey pants. Beige and tan also works well. I have few navy worsted wool pants. I used to wear them with brown jackets. Not so much these days. Light blue / pale blue jacket works well with navy. Better still just get more grey and tan. Darker pants with lighter jacket looks a bit casual .
Stick to HY pants. It's hard to find flannel pants/ decent quality pants. Other good options incotex and Mabitex. Mabitex sartorial line construction is little better than HY and has pick stitching along side seam.
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