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Taking pictures of fit is not normal outside Styleforum. Elevators are sneaky please for a quick selfie.
Today SuSu Lazio
I only venture out once every 2 weeks. Although I have done it twice this week.Today SuSu Lazio in navy windowpane
Today first time wearing this SuSu suit. Possibly the last time this season as Sydney warming up.
Latest SuSu.
Hi gents, it's time for me to retire my wallet after 6 years of continuous service. It's a very slim 11cm x 7 cm with 6 cards slot , 2 side slips and 2 bill section. Looking for something similar size wise but a bit special. Wife even approved! Looked at ettinger - but sizing is way off. Any suggestions?
Evening gents, just noticed the $200 price increase on all new suits on SuSu website. Eyeing on this green suit before they increase prices on the old stocks. Is this suit a yes or no? http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/suits/hudson-green-check/P3929.html?vpid=P392903
^^ sarcastic laugh.....
Did you and your partner chosen the user id for this forum ?
Sorry not sure how wide these are. I am happy with the width. Lapels are canvased, so has a nice roll.
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