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[[SPOILER]] I actually prefer my neighbours keep their lawns and driveway tidy. I don't mind the noise- I guess I am used to it. Personally I would try to do lawns Saturday and relax on Sunday. But hey my pool cleaner runs 8 hours a day- 4 hours in the afternoon and 4 hours in the morning. My neighbour also have pool so he doesn't complain.Tbh I didn't think neighbours would get annoyed with noise.My cats when they hear the mower [[SPOILER]]
At home trying on few spots jackets- [[SPOILER]]
Few spots jackets-
Charcoal grey, dark/mid grey pants.
Picked up these bad boys from dfo today. Only difference is the stitching around the edges on the rlpl one.
Today susu grey linen suit.
This suit is very light linen/wool unlined. Navy strips and has soft feel and vintage look. This is closeup look. Really hard to capture true colours on iPhone.
Today, PRL linen unlined suit.
Today rlbl Anthony khaki jacket.
Is that a good thing or bad?!I am seriously considering buying a sheersucker suit after watching Michael Douglas wearing one on 'And so it goes '. I'm dark skinned and can pull off light jackets.Anyway today a spring jacket (olive herringbone, linen & silk).
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