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Latest acquisition . Burberry London s120 flannel jacket . Surprisingly well made. Half canvas construction. Not the super slim line. Lapels are rather large. Fabric fantastic to touch much likely be a VBC.
I would really like to hang my trousers . But unfortunately no bloody space in my wardrobe. Suits/jackets took too much space already. A lot of my jackets are doubled up in those coat hanger. Does anybody here double up (one jacket over another) on their suits or jackets here?
^^As far as I know these guys do bi annual sale rather than yoox sale code every 2 weeks.
Hi gents I purchased a suit from malfordoflondon a week ago. I have received a tracking the next day. But the tracking says no history found even after a week. Emailed mol but no reply . Anyone experienced this recently ??
Sorry mate. But get real. $35 suit jacket will be Shite plain and simple . Alteration on jacket sleeve cost $45 alone!
I bought glasses online at 80% off retail - without having to send it back! Best thing to do is reading the measurements . Much Easier to fit than shoes.
I am just skinny. No exercise , no diet. Always between 54 to 55 kg. quite hard to buy business wear. And need quite a bit of alterations.
wait till you hit drop 11. I am 37 inch chest vs 26 inch waist. and 5'10". I just buy 36 R and my tailor does the wonder. Last time I had to trim a 32" pants down to 27" , plus taper all the way through and 2" cuff. Got mates rate of $100( $25 to tapper , $25 for 2" cuff , $25 for taken in at mid waist band and $45 for taking in from either side). Waist was taken in via split waist band and to balance also taken in form either sides. It is bloody expensive.
Gents bb has 50% off store wide. Worth picking up a suit ? They had few suits at rrp $1400 now at $700. Your thoughts .....
Thanks. Got it from yoox. In Sydney I won't probably use it much - other than those rainy windy winter mornings . But I feel it's a good investment . The fabric is beautiful and the construction is solid . The jacket is full length and about 40" from BOC . Paid 80% off retail as well .
New Posts  All Forums: