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X post from AE thread- [[SPOILER]]
Navy PA in action!
Fthose shoes were brand new. It's easier to dye brand new shoes as no wrinkle in leather. Dye cracks when leather is not prepared properly. So strip strip and then strip the existing dye first. The dye I have used is waproo is a leading shoe care brand here is Australia . They actually deals with shoe manufacturers. I am wearing mine today. The dye won't crack. It didn't look like it was re dyed. Rather looks like it was off the production line. I have too many walnut and...
Another of my fit- Jacket -Caruso - Pale blue , Pants Top Man , Shoes - RL hysen driver.
Me - Jacket RL Rugby(Caruso made) , Pants Brian Dales, Shoes - Carmina , Shirt Calvin Klein collection.
Navy PA anyone ? Before and after
Original colour was grey cloud burnished with black. At the time I picked this pair I planed to dye it navy. Someone else tried to dye this grey into cordovan brown and turned black. So I think navy is much more forgiving . Also the spray can makes it easy to stack thin coats.
thanks whippersnipper and wd40 was there as a backup. My other half comment before I started this project you are ready to throw away that pair of shoes aren't you ! Lol now she wants me to dye some of her old shoes. Grey pants goes well with navy as we as charcoal suit. It is dandy but not do much on your face. I would wear this pair where I would wear black pairs.
Very pleased with the result. All done within few hours.
I have an obsession with navy shoes . I currently have 3 pairs - navy shell cordovan florsheim ,AE players navy suede and Grenson navy suede . I had a pairs of AE park ave new in box for a very long time . And I always wanted a pair of navy captoe ! Over the years I have seen many step by step guide in style forum on how to re dye a pairs of shoes in to different colour. While it's not impossible , it's not easy either. Anyway finally today I thought what would be a...
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