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^ you are right about that.
Thanks. I need to boost my tie collections.
Cbd? [[SPOILER]]
Cbd? [[SPOILER]]
@an-acute-style - Fantastic, you need the matching shoes, gloves , scarve and glasses. Only criticism is the second last photo. I think it would look better if you replace two white buttons with the same pattern.
Over the weekend PRL Bradford grey flannel.
Agree with both of you on the price point. You pay a bit more for quality- which pays off itself as it lasts longer. HY is on sale and it's worth checking them out. My last order from him arrived in time last month- so looks like he is still working on his business.You are right that he will never respond to your emails. Pay with PayPal for free return shipping and raise disputes if any issues with him.
looks good on the photo. My experience with Uniqlo merino wool and cashmere has been rather disappointing. Good luck with your purchase. Why not Howard Yount or susu?
Today Pal Zelri in Cerutti itravel . Jacket could do a bit more waist suppression. [[SPOILER]]
Today Pal Zelri in Cerutti itravel. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: