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I bought a pair of Eco chuckas 5 years ago. Great beater shoes. I paid just over$200 for the pair. Most comfortable shoes ever. Go to a Eco store and try on. They use this composite sole amazingly comfortable.
Thanks for the reply. How do they compare to MJB suits? Specially SuSu never have discounts?
Hi guys, what is your take on suit supply? I will be visiting U.S. Next month and want to buy few non Staple suits (patterned suits). SuSu seems to have hundreds of suits between $500-$600. Are they any good? Don't want to spend more than $600 per suits. Cox has few SuSu - how do you rate them?
Au store has Milano suits for $500USD. Or should I just pull the trigger now?
Hi gents,, I will be in the USA next month- LA, Chicago and NY . Interested in picking few suits from BB. Is Milano suits are available in outlets ? Or just 346 craps? Also on sale how much does Milano goes for? Thanks guys.
^^ this one was on sale at DJs few years ago right? Kicking myself for not buying.
It's a nice looking bag. I will definitely add a top handle leather briefcase on my rotation - most convenient bag for commuting.
My rotations/ SAB, Mulberry, Coach,Filson 256 &257 and Brooksbrothers black fleece
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