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Thanks for sharing. Really love the ps m65. at Aspesi - but the back length is quite short at 28.35". And won't cover a suit jacket. Do you mind me asking the back length and did you size up? [[SPOILER]]
Hi gents, any advice on top shelf quality m65 jacket. Also a quick review of my recently acquired Barbour heritage liddesdale jacket. Heritage line is slim fit. There is a great amount of waist suppression. Best to take your normal size. I went down a size to an xs. Luckily it still fits quite good, even over a suit. Mine looks very fitted. Downside of a fitted jacket is no further room on shoulder and armholes . It is easy to wear over suit and don't scream for...
I think I said this a year ago. Uniqlo sweater pills badly. I am gentle on my clothes and uniqlo sweaters are on a once every 2/3 weeks rotation and in a year they look extremely poor. These are super fine merino wool. These sweaters are good for a season and then throw away. I have mostly prl sweaters on my rotation and some are 5 years old and still looks new. Uniqlo uses short string wool and apparently that cause the excessive pilling. Casual jumper could be ok as they...
Well done. It was further 25% few weeks ago. I found the colour to be more on the green side. Can you please post some real life pictures if you get a chance. I must stop buying anything for the remainder of the year.Here is some pictures of my true olive jacket. It's 50/50 wool/flax by prl , herringbone pattern.
Mj bale green suit
Susu olive suit arrived. Soft ethomas wool /cashmere blend.
On a side note extremely angry at Optus, who wants to rape EPL fans. Anyone thinking of using VPN ?
Great suit. Would love to see the fit pictures . Seems like there are still love for olive suits; despite being extremely hard to find a semi decent one. this olive check suit is quite beautiful.
Cox please do share the pics with your olive suit.
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