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Growing up in Bangladesh during early 90s there was a massive trend on wide trousers. It was however limited to teenagers and gangsters (wannabe). I remember getting my school trousers tailored to a 24" leg opening (vs 20/22" waist) . Super high waisted, 2 forward pleats . I was advised by my buddies to have 4 pleats. But the tailor refused to do more than 2. I was probably only 11/12 yo . I had to go to the tailor with my mom; as my father didn't wanted to be involved in...
A non-white/pale blue shirt is considered less formal. And thus should be paired with a not so formal suit/jacket. But a patterned suit/jacket(which considered non formal) will always look busy with striped shirts.Also (imo) a nice navy /charcoal suit demands a plan white/ pale blue shirt. And summer fabric solid suits (linen/cotton /unstructured) also look better with light solid coloured shirts(possibly pale blue)So where do the stripes fit in ? If one is wearing stripes...
Gents , please share your view on non white/ pale blue shirts. This includes all the other shades and stripes and such.
Was rushing in the morning to work.Agree a plain shirt is necessary for this suit. All my shirts were white/ pale blue. And this month first time decided to add 8 stripped shirts to the rotation . It is difficult,
Today susu Havana suit. This is part of three pieces.
Today susu Havana suit.
Well said.
Today prl navy doe skin blazer, grey flannel hy trousers.
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