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I believe RL will bring back rugby once again. Could be in next 10 years could be after 30 years. this thread was one of the most informative in the whole SF . Every question asked was answered with in hours.
This is what I have been telling myself.
The best you can afford ? or the best available in the market ?
I am in. Going on overseas holidays in November and can’t actually afford to buy anything right now. So hopefully it will be a easy month. Damn AE needs to stop their 2 sales a month policy .
^^ well said.But that how he wants his shoes to look like - hand made. You will be able to differentiate his shes from mass produced shoes from miles away. TBH I am not a fan of his design and leather and colour selections.. But I respect his style.
just tell her you found them on the side of the road !
looking at some shirts from o&j . Can anyone comment on the fit. I am super skinny and wear extra slim fit 37 or 14.5 (thomas pink - extra slim and tm lewin fully fitted).How would the S fit ?
Lesson 13 : Never buy a Fake watch.
Sorry to hear it mate.Happened to me twice -in 2 different rented places. Its terrible. Second time the front glass door was broken and door kicked in. I felt in-secured inside my house for over a month.
lol. AE has 12+ sales in a year. Last month I picked up 6 pairs of AEs. Total this year I got 10 pairs of ae(9 pairs factory second) . A pair of c&js , 3 pairs of RL marlows , 2 pairs of carminas and few others.I am tempted to get few more pairs of ae ......
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