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Just an update on the recent shirt topic- tried on a MJB super slim shirt on their recent 36 size. Awesome fit. Down side is that they don't have many on this size.
I'm also 5'9.5" and 53 kg take 34r. Can fit into the 32r but sleeves way too short. My standard sleeve length is 24.75". Even the 34r is a bit short. Plus the 32r tad too short as well. I don't alter the jacket but pants take in 3 inches. I have wide shoulders and chest 37" waist suppression cause ripple under the collar.My waist at 26". Looks though you may have some roll behind your jacket.
I think some women look good in men's wear. But they would definitely look much better in bikinis. / thread . Lol Jokes aside, women have a lot more variety than men and can get away with a lot more. Personally I like women in cute clothing.
I mean 5 for $200 @ outlet store. Samurai is a weird cut. You mentioned you are slim build, I am also skinny 5'9.5" , under 55kg and MJB SS 37 works well for me. I could make the existing darts deeper. But I am quite happy with how it is. It's actually best fitting OTR shirt. I have wide shoulders and long arms- most OTR shirt at 37 don't have my sleeve length.
MJB super slim fit 5 for $200. Get 3 whites and 2 light blue and you will be sorted. Time that by 3 then you will have to wash/ iron once every 3 weeks. I have gone this route and couldn't been happier. BTW they wash well and oldest MJB shirt is 2 years old and still in commission. And I wash my shirts on super wash cycle, all thrown in top load washing machine.
Thanks guys for the ideas. Some great wallets mentioned. I was going more and more towards Ettinger; but today decided against it. Tried some full sized wallet and I hated the feel. Found a tan rlpl tan slim bifold 4.12x3 inches, unlined 6 cards. On the expensive side @ 230 aud ; but This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I have to justify that to myself to pull the trigger.
Taking pictures of fit is not normal outside Styleforum. Elevators are sneaky please for a quick selfie.
Today SuSu Lazio
I only venture out once every 2 weeks. Although I have done it twice this week.Today SuSu Lazio in navy windowpane
Today first time wearing this SuSu suit. Possibly the last time this season as Sydney warming up.
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