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True. I have actually 2 bloody summer suits one in light beige and seconds one a bit medium tan. Such a fool. Light beige is all cotton. But too nice of a cotton. I have not worn this suit even a single day. Tried only at home.I just use the pants as odd trouser to go with my navy jacket. Second one is wool. I have worn the jacket only as odd jacket - twice at max. And I am even brown.I see so many nice tan/beige suits on sale (reduced 90% by big names inc Caruso, even...
Once they sent me a us 44r jacket instead of IT44. My last order 2 weeks ago a sky blue shirt - i was sent a pink one ! They offered me 20%- which i accepted ! $8.5 usd refund ! Bloody hell my first ever pink shirt - I don't really know how / when I will wear .....I am too lazy to return.
If you shop smart look out for sale and online you will do heaps better. I paid half of that for most of my suits- including RL, Caruso , Canali. I would pay $1200 only for maybe brioni or mainline zegna.
Thanks Gerry. It's the angle of the pic.
Tropical wool soft RL Rugby(Caruso) jacket , PRL light blue shirt , Brian Dales light beige pants and AE Strands. One of my favourite combo.
[IMG]RL rugby grey herringbone, RLBL dark brown shirt and AE Players in chocolate brown suede .
Lol. It's classic!
Autumn is here. Sivigla jacket 80% Shetland wool and 20% cashmere. Unlined and completely unstructured. Grey with blue houndstooth pattern. First day wearing - will drop it to tailor to take in the waist.
Last Friday fit PRL jacket(Bradford Model- DJs last year at 50% off) , AE Strands. Bag by Insubordinate Lads made in US.
Buying shoes are worse than Heroin addiction. Last year I was really bad. This year I haven't bought any shoes - I hope I can make this year free of new shoe purchase.
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