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@Dennis Walter I generally like your suit collection. But the second image looks a bit too much shape. Maybe the foto angle or a shorter jacket?
Today Rlbl Anthony. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @Coxsackie . Appreciate the suggestion.
Thanks @Coxsackie , I am searching for the cbd guide. Didn't realise cbd has some strict rules. I didn't think the suit was overly suppressed at the waist. But looking back at the picture I see what you mean. I have a big drop and flat back, which makes it tricky. Would you mind giving some feedback on this fit. As I was planning to take it back to my tailor to take in the waist a bit more. Thanks again. [[SPOILER]]
^ you are right about that.
Thanks. I need to boost my tie collections.
Cbd? [[SPOILER]]
Cbd? [[SPOILER]]
@an-acute-style - Fantastic, you need the matching shoes, gloves , scarve and glasses. Only criticism is the second last photo. I think it would look better if you replace two white buttons with the same pattern.
Over the weekend PRL Bradford grey flannel.
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