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Sorry(not really!) to revive this old thread. I will be visiting NY in first week of August and Woodberry outlet is on my list. Many 36R suits ? What are the prices now for suits?
My pal Zileri suit arrived this week. Quite old cut. Pleated pants and wide shoulders also ventless!!!! The white label on PZ are old models
I have only 1 suit from them. I haven't worn the jacket even once - don't plan to either. Altered the pants (tan) and wear as odd pants. Suit is just too stiff and heavy around chest and shoulders and slim lapels looks funny . Also fabric is like paper not soft at all.Don't waste your money. For $300 you will get better suits on yoox. I just paid $197 for a pal Zileri suit.
Don't bother. Suits rubbish construction and are stiff , jackets are too short and slim in a boxy way ,closed front quarter on the jacket looks terrible. Their pants are ok but sizing all over the place.
Most people buy fashion items at full retail. Even more so on little discount such as 20-25% off. When you have an actual need for an item - such as interview suit/ suit for a mates wedding and you don't already have one or have one that is 5 years old and don't fit you anymore. Then you don't have the luxury to wait for a sale. Sames goes for shoes , shirts and what not. If you only have basic and you only replace them when they die , then you must pay full retail. I have...
Discounted stuffs are almost always cheaper in us site. Also they have much much more us returned items that is only available for us( items in U.S. warehouse).
^^ this is very true. But best discount and also many heavily discounted items are only available on us site.
DJs Elizabeth St for Loake 1880 . Just under $400.
SAB can do hand stitched briefcases (full/partial) , with Extra premium. Some SAB models also specify if any parts are hand stitched (mostly the top handle). Where papworth is entirely machine stitched . Also all SAB comes standard green seude lined. Where as papworth also comes fabric lined/ unlined. A SAB is classic piece of investment , I have one and love it. Either papworth or SAB briefcase will outlast you.
New Posts  All Forums: