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Just ordered this-$399USD minus 15% off using code fifteen. Plus $22.95 shipping. All up about $400 AUD with conversion. They are out of small. Ordered a medium. I plan to wear over suit .I am a super slim 36R. Do you guys think it will work out ? The sizing seems a bit off for a casual jacket specially around shoulder - Pit to...
From Milford got ps london navy suit . From jules b got a blue suit by munro. Munro is a mtm tailors from Amsterdam . There is a thread in styleforum nl regarding munro mtm. It was on sale at $270 shipped 70% off. My size 34 r as well!
Last 2 weeks got 3 suits. From malfordoflondon , jules b and a zegna from forum member. No one will guess that I am fully broke.
Unfortunately I only discovered rugby a year before it shout down . If only it would've stayed around for another year. Only off the rack brand fitted me without alterations. Unique classic styling every season hard to find alternative.
Latest acquisition . Burberry London s120 flannel jacket . Surprisingly well made. Half canvas construction. Not the super slim line. Lapels are rather large. Fabric fantastic to touch much likely be a VBC.
I would really like to hang my trousers . But unfortunately no bloody space in my wardrobe. Suits/jackets took too much space already. A lot of my jackets are doubled up in those coat hanger. Does anybody here double up (one jacket over another) on their suits or jackets here?
^^As far as I know these guys do bi annual sale rather than yoox sale code every 2 weeks.
Hi gents I purchased a suit from malfordoflondon a week ago. I have received a tracking the next day. But the tracking says no history found even after a week. Emailed mol but no reply . Anyone experienced this recently ??
Sorry mate. But get real. $35 suit jacket will be Shite plain and simple . Alteration on jacket sleeve cost $45 alone!
Hey mate. , up early for the soccer ?
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