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True . But isn't tf cut sort of unique ? And apparently extremely hard to replicate ?You are right about body shapes and suit cut. I don't know if you still remember from nomad Sydney meet up. I am 37" chest and 27" waist skinny. Apparently tf is all about big chest and slim waist. And 2.5k would you get same quality fabric and construction from mtm or bespoke?Don't think it's 007 creed. Maybe it's just the sale price .
Cox - you have a tf suit- worth the money ? Every now and then seeing them for sale just under 2.5k. Never been a brand whore. Lately I am feeling the itch to get one. Every time I am not jumping at that sale making me more desperate over time. Please talk me out of it.
It shouldn't if done correctly . I have done this to one of my suit jacket without any issue.
Picked up these from the post this morning. Thanks Jason .
Lol . 007
If rtw fits you then there is no need to spend extra on mtm or bespoke. Also you may like a house style or cut - for example tom ford . And a mtm or even bespoke may never be able to replicate 100% of that cut.Mtm , bespoke & rtw are there for a reason . And you can build a great wardrobe when taking advantage of all of these avenues.
Got them today. Super excited. A suit , a jacket , pairs of pants , cuff links , socks. Not on picture 2 white shirts from mjb. I am broke until next pay day 15th sep.
Recent purchase - for my upcoming wedding. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/silver-bambino-grenadine-7-fold/ http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/white-irish-linen-pocket-square/
^ thanks. I may visit them tomorrow .
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