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My latest acquisitions. Bally goat tobacco suede A1 blouson and Bally holdall. The jacket is a piece of work, warm and super light. Feels like not wearing anything when on. Definitely better quality than Valstar offering. Sizing is perfect for me as well. Paid $950 (down from $1900). The briefcase is also super nice. Great quality leather and bridle leather handles. Also picked up a pair of Bally black leather single monk. All curtesy of my wife.
Mate jealous- you got the best deal on roadmaster. Did you get the it46 ?Pictures with it over suits need.
Hi Gents, Need your assistance on trouser leg opening. In recent time I have been annoyed with different leg opening on my various trousers – so decided to slowly alter most of my trousers to a more suitable leg opening. I wear a shoe size between us 8 to 8.5 (uk 8). I am 5’10” , a waist size of 26-27” , inseam 78 cm and went with a leg opening of 19cm. My current trousers have leg opening from 21-22 cm. What is the general guide ? 2/3 of the shoe size ?? Thanks in...
Current Hugo boss campaign. Super black suit in the most ridiculous cut. I wonder if there really market for this or their marketing department is clueless.
Few times I went to spice I am - I was there prior to 5pm to queue up. It's almost always packed. My wife is originally from Thailand and rate this as one of the few authentic Thai restaurants in Sydney. Apparently most Thai traveling celebrities are regularly seen there!
Not exactly cheap. RMW leather duffle would've cost just couple hundred more.
Spice I am is truely authentic
How about no canvas/ deconstructed?Or fused?
yes its further 25% off online and in store - just looked at the front page.
Mj bale 25% off sale price. Some good casual suits still available. Picked up the double breasted olive/ khaki jacket for $186.
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