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Thanks guys. I will wear it with sky blue shirt. the suit itself is indeed a bit flat - as its unstructured . Will post an elevator selfie .
Hi cox , I really loved your tan suit. I have a similar suit which has just come back from tailor and ready to wear next week. What shirt would you recommend ? Do you mind reposting your fit.This is mine
Agreed- massive hassle throwing them. Plus takes a lot of car space bringing them home.
I never had issues with HY. They are on my list. But really want a bamboo handle.Thanks Nabil. I think this would be most suitable option for me.
Thanks. I must check it out.Just checked- they don't look great.This is great. Fox whangee is out of my price range.
Lol I also have a small IKEA one - quite good for such a small cheaply made umbrella.
Hi guys, What sort of umbrella are you using. I have been dreaming of a nice umbrella with whangee handle. Price seems to be from $310(Kent wang) aud to upwards $700++. Worth spending this sort of money. Or should I just buy a full solid stick around similar price range. Fox and Briggs are nicer but prices are too expensive . Please share your thoughts.
Please excuse the poor elevator selfie. PRL Bradford in charcoal grey. Low button stance , a bit longer jacket and lightly structured shoulders.
Thanks for the tips. Really love this fabric.
Please excuse the poor selfie. Jacket PRL silk/linen olive green herringbone. Trousers HY.
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