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While I am waiting for a SuSu gift card someone snatched a size eu 44 of the suit . Is it worth ordering the 46 ? http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/suits/havana-brown-check/P4717.html?vpid=P471703
^^ Jet cafe on QVB is best IMO.
Can't go past MJB 5 for $200 at the outlet stores. Best value and wash well. These days I don't even bother trying anything else.
This Havanna suit is beautiful. Makes me want to put mine on (:
SuSu Lazio.
I actually purchased my first navy pinstripe suit after seeing yours. Good fit on you , but can't go past that the tailor wasted the suit fabric by stuffing so badly. For me non even pattern matching on 2 lapels are worse than the shoulder bits. I would've asked for a refund or a redone.
I like your fits- disagree with strips on stripe. I actually bought a navy pin stripe suit after seeing yours. Have you fired the tailor who made your jacket?
Thanks for sharing- just emailed SuSu if I can get a store credit for 2 suits I bought earlier this month. BTW received my Lazio navy check Suit today. Very happy.
^^ SuSu is the best value if you can fit into their suits. Which they have many different fits. Variety of fabrics they use is also amazing.
Pal Zileri mostly use lanificio cerruti fabrics. I have 2 PZ suits both are Cerruti fabric. If you are desperate then try contacting them.
New Posts  All Forums: