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Was rushing in the morning to work.Agree a plain shirt is necessary for this suit. All my shirts were white/ pale blue. And this month first time decided to add 8 stripped shirts to the rotation . It is difficult,
Today susu Havana suit. This is part of three pieces.
Today susu Havana suit.
Well said.
Today prl navy doe skin blazer, grey flannel hy trousers.
10% off @ eBay. Min Spend $75 CTENOFF 10% off @ eBay when your purchase is $75 or more. Can be used twice. Max discount $300. Ends 10/8. Payment by PayPal only.
Yoox is terrible at product description and pictures. Lbm unlined casual suits- 36r is about 27.75 to 28.5(boc). For casual suit I can live with that. This model is probably 188cm and wearing a size 36.
What is your rmw size? I can buy them from DJs @ 20%+ 10% (28% total discount) via insider 😉 (even on sale items)
It's a good time to pickup some summer suits. Pulled trigger on this , some other sizes are available. Absolute bargain. I have few lbm deconstructed/ garment dyed suits and they are a real pleasure to wear on a beautiful summer day. It's a relaxed & effortless look . http://mobile.yoox.com/au/49212380DQ/item#cod10=49212380DQ&sizeId=4
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