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Hi gents, For sale a pair of Allen Edmonds Dalton boots in burnished walnut. Size us 9D. I have worn them less than 5 times. Don't fit. Price USD $250 shipped worldwide. These are first quality- purchased from Amazon. See pictures.
Hi gents, Selling a pair of Crockett and jones Sydney loafers UK 7.Please see the link. Australian members AUD $250 pickup or $270 shipped. http://www.styleforum.net/t/515118/crockett-and-jones-sydney-loafers-uk-7-snuff-seude#post_8251656
Hi gents, Up for sale a pair of Crockett and Jones Sydney loafers in snuff Seude UK size 7. Worn less than 15 times. Great condition . Price $250 USD - free international shipping. Please see the pictures.
No duffle. Another filson navy 256. And a SAB fold over briefcase. Carried less than 30 individual days over 3 years.
I wonder why nobody thought of this before. I think it's a great idea.
Hi gents , I am selling my Folsom otter green 257 briefcase. Great condition . Used for 2 months. Have too many bags. Leather strap unused . $230 Aud + shipping. Or $250 shipped.
Crockett and Jones bradford cordovan uk 7.5 . USD 220 shipped worldwide. Good worn condition. please see picture. Shoes are in Sydney ,Australia. Long time member ; new seller . Not a scammer - paypal paymnets. Sydney members can pick up. Here
For sale a pair of Allen Edmonds Original Mora – US 8 E. With topy applied. Worn about 15 times. Don’t fit. Tired to stretch but didn’t work. Shoes are in Sydney, Australia $200 USD shipped worldwide.
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