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Beautiful suit. I purchased this last week. It was the last one at some store.
Received my linen/cotton suit. Waiting for summer now. Beige/khaki suit can be challenging if the shade isn't right for your complexion. My third attempt and this one works for me.
on my last day at NY picked up this summer suit. 48% Flax and 52% Wool. Quarter lined , completely unstructured. Navy pinstripes in a casual setting. Pants have side adjusters. 2r3 , double vented. Also picture of my latest PZ . Absolutely beautiful. Patterns matching is flawless. BTW it feels good to be back home.
This was waiting for me in SuSu Soho. Super excited.
Picked up from Soho
There are some great stores in Chicago. RL store is a must visit- absolutely beautiful. Brooks brothers , Bloomingdales, Nordstrom , Saks 5th Ave all carry good stuffs such as Canali. EZ, RLBL , Iisaia , Cornelini and such. Way too expensive. Incotex trousers for example $395 USD plus tax. SuSu was the only store I could afford a half canvassed suits. Service was superb. Had some good coffee there , spent nearly 2 hours trying on different cuts. Just the SA they insist you...
Hi gents, I went down to Chicago SuSu the other day and ended up buying 2 suits. Really great service. One is a linen light grey Havana and second one is also a Havana flannel check 3piece (Cox has the same suit). Plan to visit the SuSu NY sometimes this week. Spent a lot in last 2 weeks. A navy pinstriped PZ and a beige linen lbm1911 suits should be waiting for me in Sydney as well. Yesterday's kop was a SC in tan. You only live once right ? More pictures to follow.
Lovely jacket. I have a similar jacket by PRL.
I bought a pair of Eco chuckas 5 years ago. Great beater shoes. I paid just over$200 for the pair. Most comfortable shoes ever. Go to a Eco store and try on. They use this composite sole amazingly comfortable.
New Posts  All Forums: