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Casual day at the office.
Thanks mate. Maybe an olive m43 next. Mr porter is stacked with m43s. Possibly next #menswear trend. They have a lovely Paul smith olive m43 (;
Thanks guys. Ended up buying the Aspesi navy cotton m65. Ordered medium instead of small ( to fit a suit jacket underneath easily). Apparently they run slim. $310 delivered seems like a good deal.http://www.farfetch.com/au/shopping/men/aspesi-front-pocket-windbreaker-item-11439143.aspx?storeid=9671&from=1&ffref=lp_pic_19_2_
Great deal actually. What is everyone's thoughts on a Navy M65 jacket ? or it must be olive ?? Application - casually on the weekend & over suit not so often.
Good to know. How much did you take in? I may do the same. I believe Barbour/ belstaff wax their jackets post manufacturing - which means all the seams are somewhat shower proof. Barbour actually states that re- waxing is necessary if any alterations are made.
Happy voting everyone!
There was a thread where details of a bespoke/mtm jacket was discussed. With pictures and why/ why one shouldn't. It was very informative.
This was from David jones city store. It was on 50% off clearance.
My latest acquisitions. Bally goat tobacco suede A1 blouson and Bally holdall. The jacket is a piece of work, warm and super light. Feels like not wearing anything when on. Definitely better quality than Valstar offering. Sizing is perfect for me as well. Paid $950 (down from $1900). The briefcase is also super nice. Great quality leather and bridle leather handles. Also picked up a pair of Bally black leather single monk. All curtesy of my wife.
Mate jealous- you got the best deal on roadmaster. Did you get the it46 ?Pictures with it over suits need.
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