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Happy for a catch up any days other than Australia day & Friday ( commitment with Mrs)Maybe do a Tuesday 24th ?
Did you have to wait for the blnr?
In Australia the blnr is still on 12-18 months waiting list. SS sub date few ads don't even wait list you as the list is over 25 people. Only Daytonas I have ever seen on AD display are only solid gold. Definitely depends where you are. Apparently in most Asian AD changes a premium for blnr and new Daytona.
What's the point- any new model SS Rolex sports will have a wait list for few years minimum.
I find your comments very judgmental. Let’s keep the critiques only towards the watches/manufacturers but not who is wearing.
Check out mj bale and also brooks brother outlet stores. 😀
What did everyone buy during the holidays? I picked up a pale grey light weight linen trousers, a 60/40 linen/cotton denim blue washed Brando jacket, a hunter green plaid jacket and a green bangal stripe shirt from Mjb. As well as a neutral linen bd and a seersucker aqua/white shirt from BB outlets. That's it for 2016.
I like the vintage charm. But would swap the bronze crown and outer bazel ring for ss. Also get rid of the 24hr markings from the dial. Also like the date function, how it doesn't stick out too much. Let us know what you decide on.
^^ this one too black bay'ish.
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