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Hi Gents in HK - hows the availability for BLNR via ADs ? On display or wait list ?
Solid gold sub. How can you forget??
Hi Mate, I don't know where you are going with this., But OP wants to buy the Tank Solo for the aesthetic reason & can't afford the Louis Cartier. As such I completely agree with going Quartz. I guess a buyer must know the reasoning behind a piece they want. You may love a design and not worried about the movement - in this case if a quartz is available go quartz. Cartier Tank solo quartz is quite popular for this very reason.
Cartier tank- you buy for the design; not for the movement. And it's completely ok to buy such watch in quartz. In the process you save a large chunk of cash, which you can invest in other mechanical watches.
Hi gents, I have planned a trip to London in late May- early June. I will also spend few days in Paris. First time in either of these places. Any recommendations for men's wear stores that I should visit? I think this has been discussed plenty of times. So someone doesn't mind repeating the information again will appreciate. I may want to get some interesting pieces- if that makes any sense.
Just buy Rolex 3 hand/date and service once in every 20+ years.
sorry mate , seems like the price increased to a totally unreasonable amount. It was about $550 for non chrono vs chrono used to be about $750. The new price list -
Op comes in 39,31,34,36 & 39mm.
eBay would be the best/safe option to sell. List it and leave it for 30 days listing and hopefully it will be sold within a month. Watches can take months to sell on eBay. (Depending on models).
Doing extensive internet research on watch shopping in London for my upcoming trip. It seems that I may or may not be able to purchase the BLNR . Back up options are either a op39 blue dial or a speedy pro - which should I pick between the two? I have a dj2 in black dial.
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