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It shouldn't if done correctly . I have done this to one of my suit jacket without any issue.
Picked up these from the post this morning. Thanks Jason .
Lol . 007
If rtw fits you then there is no need to spend extra on mtm or bespoke. Also you may like a house style or cut - for example tom ford . And a mtm or even bespoke may never be able to replicate 100% of that cut.Mtm , bespoke & rtw are there for a reason . And you can build a great wardrobe when taking advantage of all of these avenues.
Got them today. Super excited. A suit , a jacket , pairs of pants , cuff links , socks. Not on picture 2 white shirts from mjb. I am broke until next pay day 15th sep.
Recent purchase - for my upcoming wedding. http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/silver-bambino-grenadine-7-fold/ http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/white-irish-linen-pocket-square/
^ thanks. I may visit them tomorrow .
Nice jacket. What were the prices for Caruso suits at Harold's ? Looking to get a new suit. Was there anything under 1k worth mentioning?Went to Henry bucks last week. The suit selection 36r was terrible and way over priced. Richard James for $900 fully fused! The guy said they never carry much in my size and they can do mtm fused for $1900 and full canvassed at $3k .
There will always be trial and errors. You will need to be confident. Even if it's complete mess - your shoes are still not ruined. I have re dyed shoes myself . There are heaps of guide in here. If you are in Australia then try using the brand called Waproo . If you want a smooth finish - then use the spray can . If you want a bit of patina looking finish use cotton applicator . Using can easier- and no one will know you have done a home job. Dries quickly and the process...
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