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Most people buy fashion items at full retail. Even more so on little discount such as 20-25% off. When you have an actual need for an item - such as interview suit/ suit for a mates wedding and you don't already have one or have one that is 5 years old and don't fit you anymore. Then you don't have the luxury to wait for a sale. Sames goes for shoes , shirts and what not. If you only have basic and you only replace them when they die , then you must pay full retail. I have...
Discounted stuffs are almost always cheaper in us site. Also they have much much more us returned items that is only available for us( items in U.S. warehouse).
^^ this is very true. But best discount and also many heavily discounted items are only available on us site.
DJs Elizabeth St for Loake 1880 . Just under $400.
SAB can do hand stitched briefcases (full/partial) , with Extra premium. Some SAB models also specify if any parts are hand stitched (mostly the top handle). Where papworth is entirely machine stitched . Also all SAB comes standard green seude lined. Where as papworth also comes fabric lined/ unlined. A SAB is classic piece of investment , I have one and love it. Either papworth or SAB briefcase will outlast you.
Papworth is fully machine stitched.
^^ mj bale is the store you need to visit. Just got back to Bangkok from Nepal . Nepal is amazing - had really great time. Below is machapuchare during sunrise (taken by iPhone 5!) . A tailor making suit on the side of a road .
^^happened to me many times. Look at the positive side. Once you click complete order button , you get the joy and excitement of a new purchase . And then you get your money back too. Lol. Just got the Pal Zileri dark blue suit in 36r for a smashing U$197. It was $230 and used a personal 15% off code. On a another note AUD is getting slaughter tonight - making online purchase more expensive .
A comparison between new vs old Italian fit pants. My natural waist 26 inch , 55 kg and 5'9". Howard yount old Italian size 28 quite loose fit. But in a way look classic. May not be everyone's cup of tea. New size 28 is extreme - waist is 28 inch but seat and thigh and knee below are extremely slim. Not skinny- but a centimetre away from being skinny. I would recommend every one to size up by at least one size . I could easily size up to 30 and take in at the waist. For...
Duckiebrown navy she'll. And brown cordovan long wing.
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