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I have made 6/7 orders from HY over the last 2 years. Last order was in February. And didn't have any issues. Always received them in a timely manner. He even used to send a hard written note with the purchase. Quality and the price point is unbelievable. On sale these trousers are a steal.He didn't reply to any of my emails. Now I don't bother to email him. I will continue to buy from him. I think there are whole bunch of customers out there who will continue to do...
You are right. Not so cbd . 😉
Today- cbd
Sadly it's my rmw boots
Hi tailors, Is the shoulder on the suit way too big?
Today - Pal Zileri medium blue suit.
Hi Victor, firstly I really enjoy your posts. I can imagine a lot of effort goes into making these fantastic shots. Today again great fit. Only concern how a rugged look goes with light coloured jeans. Or is it just to create the contrast? Please educate me 😄
Lab is fused. I have a medium blue PZ mainline suit. Fully canvased.Label says cerruti lanificio. Wonderful fabric. Only downside it fits large. But paid just less than $300 brand new!
Today- Munro tailors suit
Today- PRL Bradford dark grey flannel suit MJB shirt PRL cardigan Rmw Chelsea boots
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