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I'm 30 years old. I have a jacket with nice tie under collar lining(gold and navy strips)It was from rugby RL line. Also have jacket from PS with just one different button on one sleeve.But since you asked- these jackets look tacky and tasteless. Too much is just too much. Sorry
There is probably market for these suits. But I wouldn't wear them - personal choice.
I have made 6/7 orders from HY over the last 2 years. Last order was in February. And didn't have any issues. Always received them in a timely manner. He even used to send a hard written note with the purchase. Quality and the price point is unbelievable. On sale these trousers are a steal.He didn't reply to any of my emails. Now I don't bother to email him. I will continue to buy from him. I think there are whole bunch of customers out there who will continue to do...
You are right. Not so cbd . 😉
Today- cbd
Sadly it's my rmw boots
Hi tailors, Is the shoulder on the suit way too big?
Today - Pal Zileri medium blue suit.
Hi Victor, firstly I really enjoy your posts. I can imagine a lot of effort goes into making these fantastic shots. Today again great fit. Only concern how a rugged look goes with light coloured jeans. Or is it just to create the contrast? Please educate me 😄
Lab is fused. I have a medium blue PZ mainline suit. Fully canvased.Label says cerruti lanificio. Wonderful fabric. Only downside it fits large. But paid just less than $300 brand new!
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