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Duckiebrown navy she'll. And brown cordovan long wing.
And which one of you purchased the last Italian 28 light grey pants???
Happened to me many times.
Last Friday.
I will give that a try. Used collene and didn't help. Out of 4 pairs of c&j shells each had faded to some extent - however this pair faded the most. Has anyone polished c&j with brown wax?
Thanks for the tips. But why not pack in plastic?My flannel suits gets packed into dry cleaners thin plastic bags.
These are two and half years old. Stored away from sunlight into shoe rack with closed door as well as shoe bags. I have worn this pairs less than 10 times. I think dryness has to do something with this. Other than that I like the idea of cigar marlows.
Yours looks great. my pair is turning into natural/ cigar colour. Not sure why - even when they are packed away nicely. Look at the colour on this closeup pic.
Thanks guys. Spent over few hours tonight reshuffling my trousers- no moths or larvae there. Just as a safety precautions packed away my flannel trousers on sealed plastic bags. Such a shame this pair was packed away over 12 months and today was only worn second time. Reminds me of another pair was ripped on train on its first day 😁Lol, she is a lovely lady. Gave me tips on how to repeal moths. Apparently I just need to keep a pack of moth balls (pack unopened) to keep...
New Posts  All Forums: