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Just few months ago there was 20% clearance.
Few times a year.
If in doubt get both pairs. One on snuff and other on brown.
Ping the rep on the SS Facebook and they may organise to ship it out to you.
Possibly more navy suits then grey.
DJ 36 is too small (Imo), 41 SS and yellow gold is nice but out of my budget and on a longer waiting list. 39mm on DJ would be the best proportion 😀
Wow blue seems to be the most popular. The blue dial on wrist didn't look as good as the photo. Grey seems to have a bit higher resale and some how moves faster than the blue. Mrs likes the grey dial but love the explorer . I will visit the dealer on the weekend to try them on again.
The grey or blue?Explorer and every other SS sports models are on bs waiting list. [[SPOILER]]
Mj bale - get the basics (navy/charcoal).
Cool hair style bro...
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