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I have a BNWT 5 pocket Lanvin blazer for sale. Bought from Lanvin in Paris. Reason for sale is that it's a bit too short for me. Label inside says size 48 - if that helps, can provide further measurements if needed. Originally RRP was 1,900 euros. Have no idea what a current markdown would be, but will take any sensible offers. Based in London if you want to pick-up. Get in touch if you have any questions.
Deffo better to wait longer than 48 hours, at least. If the muscle is still sore, it's telling you something...
You need protein to make muscle. A good protein powder works. None of this shat from H&B or GNC. But a decent one.
I don't really have the minerals to start Propecia. The side-effects don't seem worth it. I've been on Saw Palmetto for about two years. Slows it down I guess, but not by much. Feels like a waste of money in retrospect. I had a instance of using Creatine that I thought made me shed quite a bit, can't tell if I was being paranoid
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