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I got my sunglasses today after getting the "shipped" email on Monday (edit: USPS 1st class to CO). They're pretty nice all around if more delicate feeling than I expected.
Sounds like me. I have size 10UK boots and shoes in both 4444 and 4497. The 4444 is loose overall and the 4497 is snug in the forefoot. (I have relatively wide forefoot and high arches.) It requires thinner socks and a 10.5UK would work better for a winter boot.
I don't know what kind of stock they keep, but try Haberdash in Chicago http://haberdashmen.com/
Boots from Herring work well in the snow...
thx Longmorn for the PC10 comment, it was a gaelic, but turns out the sale expired weeks before, so I will wait for the next sale as things don't seem to move very fast. I did get a chance to talk to the whisky buyer, who bemoaned that he couldn't buy the good stuff and that the selection was down from 250 bottles a few years ago to 100 (which I've noticed as well). In the meantime I used that allotment to pick up two Ardgegs from my other local shop -- Corryvreckan and...
I really like everything I've seen and I would have pulled the trigger on several items with the FC sale (Valstarino, Inis, some gloves) but frankly the lack of measurements, in particular the near complete lack of sleeve lengths, has kept me from purchasing from the beginning. There may be great email responsiveness, but do I have to email about every outercoat, sweater, and jacket? If you're already measuring then measure the sleeves also. If you're just repeating...
The recent mentions of Bruichladdich are coincidentally timed with my local discounting their last bottle of Port Charlotte PC10 cask strength for $150. I like the idea of heavily peated, and cask strength. Thoughts?
+1000 on that!
For those of you wearing the Solovairs -- how is the sizing? Epaulet seems to use a 1.5 UK-US conversion while Solovair uses the standard 1 size up.
Catching up on SF & this thread after some travel and a break. I'm in for the cashmink trousers, should be great fun for winter. The fisherman sweaters look great too, but I wonder about the sleeve length (+1 to the prior mention of LBM longs). The measurements for a 38 (medium, presumably) have a sleeve of 22.5 with the standard description of "Sleeve is measured from the collar to the cuff". Is that right? Even measured from the shoulder seam this seems short. At least...
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