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A very interesting question and one that I've been thinking about quite a bit lately. I've been interested in dressing well since I worked in fine hotels during my early twenties. I love possessing the somewhat esoteric knowledge that comes with being well-dressed, although a novice. I love the self-expression that comes from combining textures and color, and just feel great when everything falls into place. Sadly, my work environment doesn't support jacket-and-tie, and...
For 15 years, I have had a reasonably successful international consultancy. My industry was decimated in 1999 and again in 2004. As a result of a health scare, a mortgage and children, I reluctantly returned to corporate life. While I am well paid for my position and working at a wonderful company, I really don't know how to play corporate politics from the inside and routinely feel a bit out of place. I feel that this will permanently hold me back. It's as if I had been...
Did not know of this, looks very cool.
The eating thing sucks the most and time gets more limited when family comes into play. I am still fat.
Would a medium Ivy League look good on a man with receding hair as shown in figures II or III? Most modern versions seem to accent a fine straight hairline. EDIT: Probably more like II.
Holdfast, you always look so genuinely happy, you must be a wonderful neighbor! Tau, the second look is really a good one for you, minus the white socks. You might want to try a medium ivy league cut, it would look good on you and grow out neatly.
Rambo, not sure what your milk problem might be, but I had massive digestive problems for years. All kinds of tests to try and diagnose the disorder. With an elimination diet I discovered intolerance for soy and milk. Doctors said it must be lactose intolerance, but the lactase pills didn't work regardless of how many I took. I tried all kinds of milk substitutes and low-lactose foods; goat milk, keffir, whatever, nothing worked. I started to suspect casein...
8 degrees F in the garage today. Steel bar is painfully cold.
Deets on the bag?
This is one type of Czech tool:This is another:
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