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I just read that the captain abandoned ship well before most of the passengers. Very noble.
Did not know of this, looks very cool.
The eating thing sucks the most and time gets more limited when family comes into play. I am still fat.
Would a medium Ivy League look good on a man with receding hair as shown in figures II or III? Most modern versions seem to accent a fine straight hairline. EDIT: Probably more like II.
Holdfast, you always look so genuinely happy, you must be a wonderful neighbor! Tau, the second look is really a good one for you, minus the white socks. You might want to try a medium ivy league cut, it would look good on you and grow out neatly.
Rambo, not sure what your milk problem might be, but I had massive digestive problems for years. All kinds of tests to try and diagnose the disorder. With an elimination diet I discovered intolerance for soy and milk. Doctors said it must be lactose intolerance, but the lactase pills didn't work regardless of how many I took. I tried all kinds of milk substitutes and low-lactose foods; goat milk, keffir, whatever, nothing worked. I started to suspect casein...
8 degrees F in the garage today. Steel bar is painfully cold.
Deets on the bag?
This is one type of Czech tool:This is another:
I'll give it a go. Order of formality:CBD: Conservative Business DressMC: Men's ClothingSW&D: Street Wear and DenimWAYWRN: What are you wearing right nowWAYWT: What are you wearing todayOCBD: Oxford cloth button down
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