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Why no Men's Clothing? Did you ever see the 40 year old douchebag who wears spiked hair, a goatee, tight Hollister shirts and Vans? He looks like a) he's trying too hard and b) ridiculous for chasing after his lost youth. A teenager in Mens Clothing is the opposite because the style tends to run towards a more mature aesthetic, putting you in the 'kid dressing like his grandfather' realm.For me, MC doesn't work because my work environment is a lot like your high school....
Mine was not a post intended to be negative towards you, sorry if it may have read that way. Your date is cute and you look pretty handsome; fine bone structure, good skin and decent build. The suggestion of a different haircut is actually a good one. Get the basics nailed first. High school tends to be either herd mentality or costume-y (emo/hipster/goth/abercrombe mall rat, whatever). Wearing the full-on Mens Clothing thing will put you beyond where anyone feels...
Take cues from Nicelynice and be successful rather than adopt clothing that doesn't fit your generation. Or go to artofmanliness.com and start living the imagined life of your great grandfather complete with Gold Bond powder and Brylcream. BTW, you generally don't see bowties at Exeter, Andover, Saint Pauls, Brewster, Dartmouth, or Harvard. More like school hoodies, oxfords and athletic tees. You might see silk ties and a blazer when teams are traveling. What really...
My wife and kids left to visit her family for several weeks. I was to join them about 10 days later. While I was busy with a product launch, the dates didn't register in my brain somehow. I had everything packed and was waiting for the limo when my mother-in-law called, and I was pretty annoyed that she would be bugging me right before I left with such a stupid question as "Where are you". She called my landline, it should be obvious where the hell I am.Well, it turned out...
There are several on this board, I believe.http://www.styleforum.net/t/146568/handmade-leather-artisanhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/168954/the-official-leather-artisans-appreciation-threadhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/89525/hollows-handmade-leather
Hey Brendon, you have a great portfolio! I particularly like the lamp and glowgrounds. Good luck with your project and please post sketches and results. Kind regards, Cod.
When your mother-in-law calls you from her home on another continent asking where you are. You reply that you're right here at home, duh! She's so dumb. Your bags are packed and you're ready to leave for the airport shortly. She states that your wife and kids are waiting at your destination's airport. You look at the tickets and realize you were to fly yesterday.
I work in front of a computer all day and left work hunched over and aching daily. I switched to a stand-up desk and love it. Between that and lifting, the chronic pain of a traumatic back injury have pretty much disappeared.
Here are a few links: http://customshoemaker.com/mens.html http://www.limmercustomboot.com/index.php?id=8 http://www.newenglandshoemakers.org/
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