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Hey Brendon, you have a great portfolio! I particularly like the lamp and glowgrounds. Good luck with your project and please post sketches and results. Kind regards, Cod.
When your mother-in-law calls you from her home on another continent asking where you are. You reply that you're right here at home, duh! She's so dumb. Your bags are packed and you're ready to leave for the airport shortly. She states that your wife and kids are waiting at your destination's airport. You look at the tickets and realize you were to fly yesterday.
I work in front of a computer all day and left work hunched over and aching daily. I switched to a stand-up desk and love it. Between that and lifting, the chronic pain of a traumatic back injury have pretty much disappeared.
Here are a few links: http://customshoemaker.com/mens.html http://www.limmercustomboot.com/index.php?id=8 http://www.newenglandshoemakers.org/
I just got two bottles based on recommendations in this thread; Eau de Lalique and Balmain de Balmain. I really like the Balmain but the Lalique (although beautiful and very interesting) is a bit feminine/powdery for me at the moment. I'll probably give it another try when the weather warms up. Other scents in my collection are: Terre d'Hermes Green Irish Tweed Guerlain Vetiver Carven Vetiver Michael Kors (I liked this at first, it's been getting a bit cloying for me...
A very interesting question and one that I've been thinking about quite a bit lately. I've been interested in dressing well since I worked in fine hotels during my early twenties. I love possessing the somewhat esoteric knowledge that comes with being well-dressed, although a novice. I love the self-expression that comes from combining textures and color, and just feel great when everything falls into place. Sadly, my work environment doesn't support jacket-and-tie, and...
It just gets worser and worser. But yeah, if I had the mentality of the captain, I would let her steer the ship at full speed though the narrows. What could go wrong?
Sooooo....he wanted this: and got this:
For 15 years, I have had a reasonably successful international consultancy. My industry was decimated in 1999 and again in 2004. As a result of a health scare, a mortgage and children, I reluctantly returned to corporate life. While I am well paid for my position and working at a wonderful company, I really don't know how to play corporate politics from the inside and routinely feel a bit out of place. I feel that this will permanently hold me back. It's as if I had been...
Not the first time the ship has passed that close: http://video.corriere.it/nave-concordia-al-giglio-/9dfa5ea6-3e9b-11e1-8b52-5f77182bc574 Quote: ...sail-past wasn’t for the benefit of the passengers, who had nothing to do with it. There were no announcements about Giglio over the tannoys. It was very much a private affair, part of a code of courtesy shared only by the crew. The captain’s unforgivable irresponsibility, as Grosseto’s chief prosecutor Francesco Varusio...
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