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Dear Man of Lint and Blamm: Thank you for helping me avoid a major timesink trying to restore a dry-rotted leather duffel. Dear Brianpore: Thank you for the inspiration, I'm dumping acetone on a pair of J&W cap toes sometime soon. Dear Dig: Thank you for the Man of Lint thread. You are awesome.
What is MPG, please?
With shirt or jacket fit, how is the shoulder measured? Is it measured to the lateral deltoid (outside of the shoulder muscle), or at the end in the clavicle (the bump in your shoulder)? Where should the seam lie? Hope this makes sense. Thanks!
Well, my daughter and I liked Un jardain en Mediterranee so much that we decided to buy my wife a bottle for Mother's Day. Today we have an outdoor graduation party. I'm going with Carven Vetiver, the 2009 formulation. I know this doesn't get a lot of love over at basenotes, but it has a citrus opening that settles into a really dry and earthy drydown that I love. I prefer it over Geurlain and Tom Ford's versions because it is darker and more complex than the others, but...
Yesterday: Dior Eau Sauvage. Nice, but instantly disappeared on my skin. Pity. Today: Voyage d'Hermes. Same thing. Disappeared. Completely. Poof. I gave my 7 y.o. son a dab of Silver Mountain Water for his tie-and-blazer day at school. My 13 y.o. daughter got samples of Leau d'Issey Floral.
Balmain de Balmain for me today. Probably the last time I can use it this season. Funny, but I always forget to try the samples I have sitting right next to my mainstays. I seem to remember them right when I'm putting the bottles away after spraying. Will try extra hard to sample tomorrow. Maybe Voyage d'Hermes. I am very much looking forward to your swap box, Master-Classter!
NYRanger, you mentioned several times that you no longer go bespoke. If it's not too personal, may I ask why you stopped?
Thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the kind words Rach, I learn from the best! I'll be sure to take part in Master-Classters swap, particularly after looking after the photos posted recently. The Black Orchid didn't go over so well, I wound up showering it off in the afternoon, it gave me a headache and nausea. I think it has something to do with that chocolate-like molecule found in A*men and Lolita Lempicka scents that sets it off. It smelled so beautiful on paper...
Would you mind if I ride my trike across the runway as you guys jet out into the stratosphere? This is one of my favorite threads. I'm just a dad from a semi-rural state and most of my disposable income goes to schools and activities for the kids, so it's a slight challenge finding new scents. I do learn a great deal here, moreso than at Basenotes. Wednesday: Another cold and rainy day, so I felt warm and boozy with Michael for Men (Michael Kors). Yesterday: Needed to...
Hi NabThe second two pictures of you look pretty good, better than your description stated.Your friend is correct, you have a diamond shaped face and a sharp jaw/chin. That you cannot see that isn't unusual, I couldn't see that I had become quite fat and shapeless until I saw a video of myself.Glasses: I had very good luck finding glasses at http://WarbyParker.com. They will mail you sample frames to try on at home. It's great, and the glasses are excellent, even at their...
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