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Well, I've pretty much settled in to Eau de Lalique and Terre d'Hermes these days. The Lalique just makes me so happy. I'll be traveling just south of Venice this summer. Any suggestions for native Italian scents to seek out?
Well, I've pretty much run through my repertoire in these few posts. My default this summer will be Poraso after shave (after shaving, of course) and Eau Lalique. These make a surprisingly good combination, and I just can't get enough of the Lalique. I find myself sniffing my chest throughout the day. Mmmm. I smell gooood. Next purchases: probably TF Violet Blonde. Meantime, I live vicariously through your heady scents.
Today: Creed MI. My wife wore the un jardin en mediterranee again this morning. She smells wonderful, I mean...and it always provokes a really strong reaction. I'm just like, ahem, I ... well, ahem WHEW!
SOTD: T'erre d'Herm├ęs Yesterday too. Something in this minimalist scent makes it ever-changing and never ceases to amaze.
Sorry for not properly linking the image, Kid Nickels. SF was inaccessible later and I wasn't able to correct my post.
I am near 50 and I won't wear those pants either. 5 pocket all the way.Knucks, that looks great.
You are correct. Those of us with long torsos need to use visual tricks to even out the proportions. Pants with no cuffs is one.Take a look at your shirt to pant proportions. See how incredibly long you look from shoulders to belt? Part of that is because your pants are now shorter in length than your torso. The bulky cuffs draw attention to your pink ankles which are creating blocks of color (dark suede, pink, khaki, dark belt, grey/blue shirt), but most of the action is...
It's beautiful. Really beautiful. It's one of the first fragrances that really does send me to a mental place (not an asylum, but a quiet, shady nook in a walled garden).
Had an unproductive lunch hour hunting scents yesterday. Went to my local Nordstrom but all they had were the Chanel and Geurlain blockbusters, along with angel and maybe some Estee Lauder. Highlights: I did sniff out the Versace Yellow Diamond (the SA tackled me) and then a spray from an adjacent counter of Clarins Eau Dynamisante had me veer 10m to sniff again. Both were nice, but not anything really striking. Tried a second sniff of TF Violet Blonde at Sephora, but...
I still like this one! I was thinking of wearing it tomorrow.
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