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Hi guys. I don't post much, but I am an avid reader. I don't go to DT or CE for the most part. May I suggest that you take a look at "The Bilge" over at woodenboat.com? It's a very similar subforum. If you examine it, you'll find a lot of similar behavior as what you speak of now. There are many, many hurt members (no, not THAT member), and quite a few people who left the forum because of the insults and personal attacks. There is often spillover as posters bring that...
LLBean duck boots Sperry boat shoes Timberland/Wolverine/Red Wing boots Converse/Jack Purcells American Apparel tees Cigarettes +1 on the Bourbon Guns
Pretty tough coming up with good images for this thread. Let's keep it ambling along like an arthritis-addled party animal with these few submissions for your viewing pleasure.
^I love that framed tractor image in the tumblr. Would be worth seeking out.
The original Turkish steez:
Ditto. Perfect for this humidity.
Tattoo your own varicose veins. That's badass.
Have you looked at some of the distributed computing fields that are growing? Big Data and all that? Everyone is starting to clamor for Apache Hadoop and ancillary software, and it takes some pretty good sysadmins to get that stuff to work in spite of the hype surrounding it. Big Data might be the way for you to go. It makes for a logical story on your resume as well. Gov't IT (they don't have big datasets, do they?) /mainfraimes > Distributed...
Thanks B1os, I"ll keep my eye out for these!
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