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Oh, there's another rack? I forgot/didn't see it am cheap.
NH will have a broader selection of Beauforts and Bedales. They'll list exactly why the item was returned and price accordingly. Most run between $75 (busted zipper or other major problem) and $125 (perfect). I find them to be considerably less expensive than the Kittery store. I've found a few prototypes and one-offs there as well.
I hate the new Japan Blue logo on the patch. Looks like something an 11 year-old drew in her notebook.
Hi guys. I don't post much, but I am an avid reader. I don't go to DT or CE for the most part. May I suggest that you take a look at "The Bilge" over at woodenboat.com? It's a very similar subforum. If you examine it, you'll find a lot of similar behavior as what you speak of now. There are many, many hurt members (no, not THAT member), and quite a few people who left the forum because of the insults and personal attacks. There is often spillover as posters bring that...
Not that he needs my testimonial, but Jay is a real pleasure to do business with. We was patient and most helpful, and steered me towards a purchase that I'm really happy with. The jeans were hemmed and shipped super quickly. He's a straight-up great guy and I'll certainly order from him again.
LLBean duck boots Sperry boat shoes Timberland/Wolverine/Red Wing boots Converse/Jack Purcells American Apparel tees Cigarettes +1 on the Bourbon Guns
Pretty tough coming up with good images for this thread. Let's keep it ambling along like an arthritis-addled party animal with these few submissions for your viewing pleasure.
^I love that framed tractor image in the tumblr. Would be worth seeking out.
The original Turkish steez:
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