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^19 Kidding. 40 and up appears to be old by the standards of those damned kids on my lawn.
Here's a good spreadsheet that helps out a lot:
Maybe it's me, but the 1965 Dartmouth Insurance Ninja seems ripe with possibilities.
After I topped out on SS, I tried a few systems and wasn't really happy. I'm currently running Greyskull LP, which is a tweaked SS that does more upper body work and limits squats to 2x weekly. It's close enough to SS to feel familiar but leaves some gas in the tank for sports/running/rowing/swimming.
I just got back from donating a large portion of my wardrobe to a local long-term shelter for families in transition. Lots of suits, jackets, winter jackets that no longer fit as I've slimmed down quite a bit and/or no longer fit my style. Everything that remains are pieces that I love. I decided to lay out what I do have: outerwear (7), shoes (8), suit (1), jackets (4), 3 pair of really nice pants and a single pair of Japanese denim. I fill in with decent-enough quality...
Oh, there's another rack? I forgot/didn't see it am cheap.
NH will have a broader selection of Beauforts and Bedales. They'll list exactly why the item was returned and price accordingly. Most run between $75 (busted zipper or other major problem) and $125 (perfect). I find them to be considerably less expensive than the Kittery store. I've found a few prototypes and one-offs there as well.
I hate the new Japan Blue logo on the patch. Looks like something an 11 year-old drew in her notebook.
Hi guys. I don't post much, but I am an avid reader. I don't go to DT or CE for the most part. May I suggest that you take a look at "The Bilge" over at It's a very similar subforum. If you examine it, you'll find a lot of similar behavior as what you speak of now. There are many, many hurt members (no, not THAT member), and quite a few people who left the forum because of the insults and personal attacks. There is often spillover as posters bring that...
LLBean duck boots Sperry boat shoes Timberland/Wolverine/Red Wing boots Converse/Jack Purcells American Apparel tees Cigarettes +1 on the Bourbon Guns
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