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I can see it in your smile.
Has this video been posted before? That is one outstanding guy, right there.
Middle-aged, non-skinny manlet checking into his fave thread.
I did an ergatta this weekend as part of a fundraiser, it was my third time on an erg. I rowed a men's masters 2k and a 500m father's race. I got my ass kicked in the masters, my average pace was 2:09.2. I came in 2nd for the 500m with a pace of 1:49.6, this race was 15 minutes after the 2k. My daughter's coach said these were pretty respectable numbers for an untrained rower (age 46). I thought it was terrific fun and am seriously thinking of taking rowing lessons this...
^Nice scarf. I have the same colors in the Codex cardigan, and the cobalt blue is gorgeous.
An extremely important insight for anyone with curious kids (moi). Thanks!
(to Thomas) Have you really? I've wanted to learn straightedge but the learning curve seems daunting. Did you go from DE to straight? Where do the benefits come in? Thanks!
GREAT thread, thanks!
If you live in a state where the ecommerce business has an office, they are required to charge you sales tax on the transaction.
^19 Kidding. 40 and up appears to be old by the standards of those damned kids on my lawn.
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