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>"Raw" merely refers to the non-distressed, non-washed (ie, redyed) description of the jeans. This answers my question perfectly, thank you. All other questions are answered from this one bit of enlightenment. Thanks!
I'm a little bit confused about the term "raw" denim. Do you wear jeans that still have the sizing in them? Is this exclusively for fading? I'm 45, so I doubt very much that anyone is interested in my crotch fades... I have several pair of Levi's 501 STF that I picked up for $5 each (sear's father's day sale, on clearance). Two shrunk beautifully, the others are held in reserve as I continue my weight loss. Is there a reason to wear the reserve pairs with the starchy...
Dig, you look great! Your transformation (documented online) is very inspiring.
First one totally overwhelms your face I think your eyebrows and the tint are competing for attention in the second one Third set is a good shape for your face. If you can get them slightly smaller they would be the best of the three. The warmer browns match your complexion better than the black. I think you have a heart-shaped face and the squareness of the third pair balances nicely. Take a look at this site, hope this helps: http://www.selectspecs.com/info/face-shapes/
I bought a nice JA belt. Front leather was quite pretty, but the backing cracked in 6 places within under a month. It's like it was made of cardboard or rubber and meat glue. Never again, Joseph.
I am a rank beginner, to be sure.
Points taken, thanks. I prep my foods early morning and portion out the day's ration to ensure that I don't over-eat. It took a few weeks for my appetite to shrink.Stronglifts looks freaking awesome. Simple. Like me. I like that.
What do you guys think of this menu/workout schedule as a start? I'm trying to apply what I've learned but could use your critique/tweaks. For reference, I'm 45yo, weigh 197 at 5'10". I've lost 34lbs in 15 weeks, so I'm no longer obese but still quite fat (26%). I have had 2 back injuries in the past (auto-related trauma). I am very lazy, but now realize that I need to set an example for my children and start manning up instead of whining about how tough my scheduled life...
Raw or cooked?Seriously though, thanks for the links.
Does anyone know of a protein shake that does not contain milk, soy or egg products? I have an intolerance to milk and at least one other ingredient listed and I'm trying to isolate the offender. This seems like an impossible request, but if anyone knows of such a drink, it will be here, otherwise, I'll be sending chicken breasts through the juicer. Thanks! -Cod
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