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I remember seeing an older gent at a fundraiser during the summer of 2003 wearing a seersucker and a black knit tie and a pocket square. He was by far and away the classiest guy on the pier. A year or so later I managed to get one. Wearing it with an oxford, I was told by a Men's Wearhouse girl that I looked like an 80's throwback.
Thank you. I was getting weirded out. Being noobie sucks.
So, I'm fat. 5'9", 195lbs, 45 y.o., 27% body fat by my scale. I'm at the beginning of Starting Strength and am having a hard time figuring out the diet part, as Rippetoe only really talks about skinny kids and the interwebs is full of all kinds of bullcarp. Am I really supposed to consume 3500 calories in order to build muscle? That's about 2x what I do now.
Tried this last night, your insight was extremely helpful, thanks.
They are really funny. Back to the Future chic.
Koss PortaPro headphones. Cost about $25. They look old-school but they have these adjustable tabs that grip your temples while still being comfortable. They sound great and rarely slip.http://www.amazon.com/Koss-PortaPro-Headphones-with-Case/dp/B00001P4ZH
Cheerful elegance are the two words that come to mind...
>"Raw" merely refers to the non-distressed, non-washed (ie, redyed) description of the jeans. This answers my question perfectly, thank you. All other questions are answered from this one bit of enlightenment. Thanks!
I'm a little bit confused about the term "raw" denim. Do you wear jeans that still have the sizing in them? Is this exclusively for fading? I'm 45, so I doubt very much that anyone is interested in my crotch fades... I have several pair of Levi's 501 STF that I picked up for $5 each (sear's father's day sale, on clearance). Two shrunk beautifully, the others are held in reserve as I continue my weight loss. Is there a reason to wear the reserve pairs with the starchy...
Dig, you look great! Your transformation (documented online) is very inspiring.
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