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Yes, Nicola, I am looking to get strong with the program and hope to take advantage of the "novice effect". I'm having trouble figuring out caloric intake to do so. I am not terribly active. I commute (drive) about 1.5 hours and have a desk job. I do SS 3x per week and swim and/or calisthenics.I'm down about 30lb by cutting carbs and eating 6 nutrient-dense meals a day. Lots of salads with meat, that sort of thing, cutting alcohol and breads completely. It's not that I'm a...
Nah, she was sneering. I don't remember why I was there. It was during one of my style nadirs.
I remember seeing an older gent at a fundraiser during the summer of 2003 wearing a seersucker and a black knit tie and a pocket square. He was by far and away the classiest guy on the pier. A year or so later I managed to get one. Wearing it with an oxford, I was told by a Men's Wearhouse girl that I looked like an 80's throwback.
Thank you. I was getting weirded out. Being noobie sucks.
So, I'm fat. 5'9", 195lbs, 45 y.o., 27% body fat by my scale. I'm at the beginning of Starting Strength and am having a hard time figuring out the diet part, as Rippetoe only really talks about skinny kids and the interwebs is full of all kinds of bullcarp. Am I really supposed to consume 3500 calories in order to build muscle? That's about 2x what I do now.
Tried this last night, your insight was extremely helpful, thanks.
They are really funny. Back to the Future chic.
Koss PortaPro headphones. Cost about $25. They look old-school but they have these adjustable tabs that grip your temples while still being comfortable. They sound great and rarely slip.
Cheerful elegance are the two words that come to mind...
>"Raw" merely refers to the non-distressed, non-washed (ie, redyed) description of the jeans. This answers my question perfectly, thank you. All other questions are answered from this one bit of enlightenment. Thanks!
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