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Thanks futuresailors, I'll give it a go. What is IF?Appreciate your help.
I'll be staying in Union Square SFO for a few days this week. Any good shopping suggestions? I have no particular needs at the moment, really. Maybe some lightweight denim. A hat shop would be great. Any interesting Japanese labels that have stores in town? My style is mid-range, over-40, semi-cool dad-with-no-further-aspirations-than-to-make-sure-he-doesn't-embarrass-the-kids style. Thanks.
Nice writeup, thanks!
Reading the comments on that link, there are some really tall people on that forum.
I have the Ristos. They are extremely well made (by hand), very stable with a wood heel, and sold by a super nice guy.
I was in the area, so I decided to stop by Risto Sports to pick up a pair of their Oly shoes. Wow, are they beautiful and they added a ton of stability to my squats. I really had no idea what I was missing. I might post a thread on these with detailed pics on the construction. I met Coach Ivan Rojas, who is a super nice guy, extremely knowledgeable and just a humble dude. His gym is hosting the final qualifier for the American Open on Sunday and I've convinced my wife...
Knize Ten for me as well.
There are lightweight denim weaves currently being discussed on the Blue Owl Workshop thread.
StephenHero's posts inspired me to experiment a bit. In a search for something new, I just got in a handful of samples from LuckyScent and am now slowly on my way to the Niche Scent Stratosphere. Yesterday: Montale Aoud Lime. Reminds me of a Byzantine cathedral in Sicily. Today: Niccoli's New York. Lasted about a minute on my skin.
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