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Kent, are you marrying stylistic convention and igents, or someone you love? Who matters more?
A bit of unsolicited advice, feel free to take it or leave it. You have too many data points. It's confusing you and causing you to start too deep in the pool. Your sizes are (roughly): Jacket: 46S or 46R Pants: 42 x 30 Shirt: 17 34/35 A suit may not be the best use of your money. I interview quite a few people your age; you are not expected to wear fine clothing yet. Not many people come to my interviews in a suit, definitely not engineers. A suit may work against you....
I wear unlined peccary gloves almost daily. The gloves are sleeker and more dexterous as they have stretched out to fit my hands perfectly. They are warm for most of the New England winter, however, I do wear insulated gloves in snow or extended periods in temps below freezing.
What a great thread! My wife did an residency one summer in Palermo, what a beautiful place and people. Unfortunately, I didn't know anything about menswear at the time and blissfully ignored dozens of windows plastered with SALDI! signs. Must get back there, and your experiences are an inspiration to do so.
Also, some places may have Portly sizes. K&G Menswear may have them. A place like that or a larger department store may as well. Call a few stores. You need a starter suit that fits you well. Do the made-to-measure later when you get rich. What's your industry? Maybe you don't really need a suit. Hope I'm not coming off as condescending. I am 5'8" and had a size 40 waist at one point. I still looked great in off the rack suits. Your tailor is your best friend.
I don't see particularly weird measurements here. It sounds like you are young. If you are interviewing for an internship, depending on the industry, it's doubtful a hiring manager is going to scrutinize your suit. If you don't show up in a red shirt, red satin tie and black pants, you're pretty much good to go in most industries. Even then, your hiring manager may be pissed that you matched his outfit. Try off the rack suits. Check that the shoulder fits well. If the...
Thanks @Lucido, that's really helpful. I have a couple of crew knits that could use that treatment. Any idea why a cardigan would ride low in the back of neck?
A couple of my cardigans and V-necks tend to shift and creep away from my collar in back. One in particular needs adjusting quite often as there may be an inch or more of shirt back exposed below the collar. Is there a logical reason and adjustment for this? Thanks.
I'll take a stab at it, if that's OK. I don't post often here, but I have learned a lot and put it into practice with some success. I'm 50, work in a pretty hip design/software office in the Northeast, and am surrounded by younger colleagues. I don't do bright colors, fun socks, pocket square or any of that. I did try it in the beginning, but it wasn't me and my wife really didn't like it at all. I've found that I much of my current wardrobe is gray, white, navy and...
Try Roger & Gallet - Jean Marie Farina Extra Vieille, I think it's the one you describe. Very nice scent.
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