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^Got any tips for me? I love the fit and feel of the tee but these holes are holding me back from buying more
Anybody experiencing durability problems with their tees? I've worn my u neck maybe 10 times and didn't notice until now that there are three holes at the bottom. I only put it through cold washes and hang dry. Didn't think it would wear out this fast :/
My black U neck sz S just came in. I'm a TTS medium and decided to size down based on some advice here. The slim look grew on me (at first, I felt like it was too tight). Gonna try on a medium if I get the chance but right now, I'm pretty satisfied with the fit and I'm hoping bulking season doesn't change the fit too much haha. I'm 5'10 165-170
My grey villain arrived. It's a size medium and went TTS with this. I have a large black villain that I just got as well and found it to be a little too roomy for me. I like the slim fit of the medium better but it's a tad short. Also, how much do these stretch? Hoping that with a little more wear, the chest and arm area might stretch out a bit
TOJ Fishtail M in all black for sale. Message me looking to sell it quick
Got a TOJ fishtail sz M for sale. Don't wanna let it go but I need cash right now. Worn for a season but still in good condition. Comes with the fur as well. It's the same jacket as: Price: SOLD Looking to sell it really quick so if you take it soon, I can lower the price a bit. Located in Toronto, Canada
Got a pair of lightly worn Kris Van Assche sneakers for sale in sz 43. They don't suit my style anymore and looking to get rid of them really quick. They have the zippers in the back and they fit a 10.5-11 Price: $270 + shipping and 4% Located in Toronto, Canada
Got a pair of brand new petite standards in raw black in a sz 31. Looking to let it go for 120 plus shipping from Canada. Will update this soon with pictures. I'm also looking to trade for a brand new size 29 in indigo or 29/30 in black in the same cut (black is preferred). PM if you have any questions. The measurements can be found here: http://www.contextcl...tem.php?id=3131
Decided that these are a little too big for me. Anybody know if I can possibly email APC for an exchange or something?
Got a pair of brand new black raw ps sz 31. Looking to trade for a brand new black (would consider indigo) ps sz 29/30
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