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Those are nice, I wish they was a size bigger :/
Please... tell me you stiil have these... please...
New to the forum I know. Have it on ebay if you want to have look at my feedback. Item number: 260937000500 230 + 10 shipping costs. NOTE: I can ship it only on Saturdays. Paypal please.
I may be interested... is this a f/w or s/s jacket?
Sent you a PM.
The jacket in the link you posted is from s/s 2010, the one on the attached pic is from s/s 2011. Which is the correct one?
I would have made you an offer if this was size L.
I've spent hours looking for one Trail Parka in red, size L, if somebody knows where I can get one, please, please let me know.
Great shoes. Skint at the moment
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