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To follow up: somebody recommended Boerum Hill Cleaners to me, so I went there. I brought them three jackets, they did a great job cleaning and pressing them, and the charge was $22. The lady was extremely nice and even helped me load the jackets on my bike. I'll certainly return.
Anybody? Does everyone go into Manhattan with their sundry laundry?
Hi there, I've been searching for a good cleaner's in the central Brooklyn area (I'm in Clinton Hill). Do any of you have recommendations, or conversely, know whom to avoid? I have a few nice 3-roll-2 summer jackets that I'd prefer to take to the right place. Thanks in advance!
LOL. That is a familiar facial expression.
Question for the Daffy's shoppers out there— Have you ever bought Mabitex pants there, only to find that they were of less than stellar quality, or ever defective? I bought two pairs of cotton/linen chinos about six months ago that quickly became my favorite warm weather pants. Great fit, wonderful soft, lightweight fabric. I busted the crotch seams on both of them after the first or second wearings and happily paid for the repairs. Then the pockets started to go. Now...
Thanks all. Anyone on here seen/owned a pair?
Hi all, Does anyone have experience with the quality/sizing of Cerbero shoes? I'm looking at a pair of suede oxfords on Yoox priced at $132, so I'm not expecting much… would love to be pleasantly surprised though. Thanks!
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