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If anyone's interested, you can read the entire book online here:
Great, thanks for your help. They are indeed!
Hi all, Would anyone be able to tell me what last these are on? Brown suede captoe bluchers, I've never seen any other Aldens like them. I believe they were a custom order. Thanks in advance!
Thanks, capnwes. I called USPS and the lady was very helpful and actually advised me not to do an intercept—the package was delivered today, so she said to wait until it either forwards to the buyer's new address, or is sent back to me. I'll post an update if this turns out to be at all “interesting”…
Apologies if the following has been covered in this thread before—I searched but couldn't find an analogous situation. I mostly sell clothing on eBay, but the other day I sold a nice piece of pro audio gear. Buyer paid promptly, I shipped it out the next day (Priority with sig. conf.). A few hours after I dropped the package, buyer messages me to say he hopes I haven't shipped the package out yet, he accidentally had his old address on the account, and gave me a new...
Does this label ring any bells? Couldn't find much info on "Sartorie Riunite". The brand's tag on the jacket has been removed, too, which doesn't help matters…
Any fabric in the sleeves and trousers to let out?
Great, thanks for the quick response!
Hi all, I'm looking to buy a secondhand overcoat online, and was wondering how much larger the shoulder measurement should be. For jackets I usually go for 18". I'd like to be able to wear a suit underneath the coat. Thanks!
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