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Just downloaded and have been listening to the new Jack White album for the past few hours. As with any Jack White-related piece of work, the first listen is a very good 7 but repeated listens elevate it to an easy 9. Not as good as some of his White Stripes work but I like the direction he's taking.
I just love this show.
That's right. Generally, a size 40 jacket would measure 42-44" in the chest, depending on how slim the cut is. If your chest is 39.5" and you try to wear a jacket measuring 40" across the chest, it'd be too tight for comfort, obviously.
Once again, a brilliant episode. They do such great adaptations of different genres.
I'd definitely recommend Bill Cunningham highly. What an interesting and genuine man! Also, Cats of Mirikitani, about a homeless 70+ year old Japanese artist.
So far so good after the 3-months long break. John Goodman with the beard and ponytail was awesome, tonight. And Dean Felton should just propose to Jeff, already.
Firefly Deadwood and for future reference: Community
I see that you've already bought the CW watch. Good choice! I have 6-7 CW watches - I bought them when they were on sale mostly. I think they jacked up the prices in the last year or so. Pretty good quality watches overall for the money they charge you: Standard ETA movements, clean designs, sapphire glass, stainless steel, deployment clasp, crowns with logos etc.
Oh this is so great!
From my favorite singer Tom Waits comes "Who Are You?":
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