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Some Asian guy's car (saw him get out of the car): HOT AZN
A bit different selection here... This is what I have -Y-3 Honja High -Fiorentini + Baker zip-up boots -Asolo GTX hiking boots- where I live there are days where the snow is so bad that you just need something like this This is what I would want: -Prada driving mocs/loafers -Some dressy lace-up wing tips I guess I do more the casual stuff.
I think I'm gonna pass on the iPhone 5. I got the white one when it first came out. I need a break from buying a new phone every year, when I was in NYC I bought the 3GS then the Droid. And I like the fact that the white one was this big mythical unicorn. So far, I haven't seen anybody else with the white one.
I've been getting into pieces that need time to break in before they really start looking good- i.e. my APC new cures and am looking into getting a Saddleback briefcase.
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