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Please do not tell my brown shell Sanfords!
These are the greatest suits I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.
It may just be that the 5 last is not for you. Welcome to the club. I don't even need laces to make shoes on the 7 fit my foot perfectly, however.
Yes. Get trees for ALL of your nice shoes. Protect and preserve your investments.
Got some shell MacNeils. Hated the black edge finish: A little work with sand paper, starting at 80, going to 120, 220, and then some 000 steel wool. One coat of Kiwi neutral and then two or three applications of Kiwi brown: MUCH happier now. And yes, I have read DFWII's warnings on what I lost in this process. I am not concerned but will keep up with the waxing of the edges even if I never polish the shell (per the Mac method).
Will burgundy shell get lighter or darker in time and with the sun? I have some new AE Macneils which I really like but expected to be lighter. Without doing anything crazy, is there anything I can do to help along the development of a more varied patina?
I have a pair of shell Sanfords and a pair of calf Sanfords. Both fit identically (and perfectly). I also have a pair of shell Macneils that fit significantly larger overall but somehow cramp my little toe on one foot.I am not sure comparisons can be easily made.
100% shell. I have a pair of calf Sanfords (+ other calf AE shoes). These are totally different. Also, the box is marked shell and they came with an AE card about caring for shell.
$160. They photograph weird. The color is almost a chocolate brown (like the shell Strands I have seen pictures of here).
Can anyone explain my mystery score? Got these shell Sanfords for an absolutely screaming deal. What is up with the label? There is no way shell Sanfords sold for the price indicated on the label. In any case, I paid way less than the seconds price (they are likely seconds, with a very slight discoloration on one side of the vamp, but hardly a deal-breaker at this price). Does anyone know approximately when these were made? Is the label from an AE store?
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