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Polojock posted this pair of shell Lexingtons (Sanford on 1 last, I believe) in the main AE thread: I have this pair of dark brown shell Sanfords that is due for a resole: I am thinking I want a split reverse welt and double sole like the polojock's lexingtons, but not in natural. Probably brown reverse welt and light brown edge dressing. I have two questions. First, can anyone compare the durability of Rendenbach soles to the butyl soles? I kind of like the idea of...
I agree. Would buy.
Part of that may be the "new" finish, but a large part is just the aging of the shell. It changes color a lot and it doesn't take very long to do it. I bet if you put one of those MacNeils in the direct sun for two full days you'd easily be able to tell which one it was because it would be noticeably lighter.
Well, presumably, if they honor this sale, they will sell so many that AE will need to make a bunch.I ordered some but would bet money the order will be canceled.
This is perhaps the most absurd post in this thread.
Thanks. Thanks to Mac for the method, too. Those shoes have never seen anything but a damp rag, a brush, and very occasionally an application of Renovateur. I don't understand all of this Renomat and stripping business, frankly.About the color, I am almost positive they were labelled "dark brown." There is a hint of red in there, but I also have burgundy shell Macneils and they are an entirely different color.
I have some dark brown shell Sanfords that need new soles soon. I feel like black single soles are a little incongrous -- too formal for the shoe. So I am thinking about getting double soles, which could either be black or light brown. Thoughts? Second, why doesn't AE make the Fairgate anymore? Awesome blucher with a plain captoe and a double sole. I love these things.
Fair enough, I saw the description. I just think that both the creases and the sheen screams "shell."
Here's some MacNeils 8.5D that I am about 99% sure are actually shell for $125: Don't need, already have, but can others confirm these are shell?
Derbies with a suit? Cue the angry callers...
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