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anyone know where to find one of these? looks like a double rider jacket that is non-leather i suppose this is wool?
As Maccimum said correctly, the pictures were taken in TaiwanThanks for the comments GBR, this week has been extremely busy.I'm still debating whether it's worth taking it back to the tailor to fix the shoulders and sleeve length. Maybe I will keep this one as is and for my next one I'll make sure these changes are applied.I'm currently traveling so I will post pictures this weekend without the jacket to show the trousers. Will also post a picture of the inside of the...
I've been on styleforum for a while starting since college, back then I never had the money or connection for good suits this is my second bespoke suit, have been refining the details based on suggestions from this site. Suit is from a HK tailor recommended by SF, house VBC 110s fabric Shirt and shoes are also custom from HK Please critique on the fit, style and details of the suit. thanks! #1 # 2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 There are two points that I'm...
Today I went for my first fitting... see below for pictures basically I would like to get a good mix between fashion forward and work appropriate (i work on wallstreet) so far i was thinking maybe the lapels could be 1/4 inch thinner and jacket could be 3/4-1inch shorter? any other comments? would be greatly appreciated!! thanks below are examples of what i'd like to achieve
hi guys, i'd like to find a bag to wear with suit in a formal industry (finance) i've seen the filson bags and would prefer a more 'refined' look (personal opinion) i was wondering if there are any cheaper alternatives to these or this coach
quick question, are hermes ties cheaper in paris/france especially you can get a 12% tax return and low euro?
hi cityconnection 2 quick questions - my ears are one higher than the other, thus it often makes my glasses look very lopsided, any solution to this? - what are some better quality for money frames, i heard the luxury brands like prada's quality arnt so great, what about lenses, never understood the difference between expensive ones and cheaper ones
judging from what you currently have i guess that would be fine when in doubt, go conservative
i personally like the burberry polos *sarcasm if anyone could not catch that
i have this pair
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