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Appreciate it.
Dior Homme AW04 VOTC Collection Trench Coat A rare piece from the votc collection, as worn on the runway, don't miss out on this coat. Size 50 euro Measurements: -Shoulders 44.5cm -Chest 53cm -total length 112cm (60cm from top of neck to belt) -sleeves 68cm colour beige made in Italy reference#4hh1036693 In perfect condition except size tag was somehow lost during dry-cleaning.
Personally it will depend a lot on the taper and cut of the jeans as well as the shoes/boots being worn with them. My 17cm leg opening Diors work with my Margiela boots, but with ann Demeulemeesters give the clown appearance.
I know this thread is old... When I was living in Salt Lake City, there were two good Racks in the city. Every Monday they got a new shipment of clothes and they were on the shelves tuesday. I always found the best jackets denim and button ups on tuesdays, by the weekend everything was picked through. I was not in the market for suits or shoes at the time, but they had a very nice selection of shoes in the sugarhouse location.
I was just looking for opinions on some slacks to wear with this... not shoes shirts ect even ivy caps.... Perhaps that was not very evident in my post.. : O
I do not have to ask.... Is this not for questions? I am just looking for some helpful advice..... : ) Im not too fond of the waxed black jeans from 03 that I have with this blazer, and my raw 07s dont quite mix right for me....
Any advice on what to wear with this Tux Blazer? I cannot find any Slimane era pants that fit me. I need some help with what direction to go. Thanks
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