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Tigers Cap AA tee Ben Sherman Harrington Carhartt Belt Ande Whall Streaky Grifters PF Flyers (sup, PF flyer thread) Sorry to hear of your sobriety, Xchen.
Oh, Eason, I'll miss your steely gaze and form-fitting garb. See you in a few months! Or a few beers. Or I'll die. Whichever. Peace.
Nothing like a mirror-shined pair of docs (cherry red/oxblood) to make me feel up to anything.
If I recall they're UK made, though Get Smart should know more than I. They're very slim-fitting and more than amazing quality for the price (and poly/cotton percentage).
Jaxon hat Jump The Gun button down Red Wing leather belt APC new cures jeans Florsheim vintage wingtips Random post. See you in two more months.
^ End of thread.
Best: WELL worn pair of shell cordovan Florsheims I bought on ebay.. Love them to death. Worst: Only thing that comes to mind is a Ben Sherman polo I grabbed on sale.. Fit is sub-par and quality isn't up to snuff either. No big surprise I guess.
I think one's boots must be christened with the blood of a rocker or hippie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart ^^ sleeves on shirt/sweater a bit short? or is it hiking up? for not being a skinhead you sure have been dressing as such a lot...esp with the red socks which was a common detail among traditional skins (I lost count how many guys were wearing red socks with loafers or brogues this past NYE at the soul/ska club in London) I like the chops, if I could grow muttons I would have years ago....not to sound nitpicky...
First proper post in a while, Sideburns \\m/ Ben Sherman shirt Fred Perry sweater LVC 1947 501s Florsheim wingtips
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