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As repulsive a fabric as this vile denim seems to be, it seems perfectly appropriate for a nation of such fat, lazy slobs!
Jaxon Hat AA tee LVC 1947s Doc Martens Excellent (and first of the year for Michigan?) day to work in a t-shirt, drive home with the windows down, and eat a red delicious.
Not ill, just old.
Combining Levi's with other denim is always a little tough because the branding/style is so iconic. Works fine with something that's mostly non-descript, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie dude, where the hell have you been. for real, stick around a little longer before you go off on another one of your hiatus' again. I'm still around, just mostly lurking. My wardrobe pretty much hasn't changed in months and is probably actually going to get smaller soon, so. SSDD. Quote: Originally Posted by freelance robotics black cherry makes me feel not so bad about wearing long...
I like to imagine the book he's holding is the Bible.
Since the topic of stitch-staining came up, I thought I'd recall my experience.. The yellow stitching on my newest pair have gotten noticeably dirty-looking, as I've just polished all willy nilly. I decided to clean them up with liquid sandpaper (same stuff I use to remove layers of polish from shoes) and then masking taped over them for their recent polish. BOOT PORN:
Fucking sharp. I've been noticing that we've been dressing rather similarly lately. Let's form a dance fighting gang.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Could you post a closeup of the inner lining?
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