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Is that chambray altered or does it fit off the rack, PP? Also I would like to say that I never really considered owning a pair of bucks until recently, seeing you in them all the time. SSDD. Socks are kind of out of place, and white would've matched the polo piping, but, honestly, I don't own white socks. Not counting old holey ones I use for shoe care.
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser I appreciate your commitment to this look, its a uniform in a good way. Do you get a lot of comments about the patch now? Eighty pages late, but thanks. Don't really get more or less comments after the movie. Honestly most of the comments I get are from people who don't get the reference and just think it's cool that a smiley has a bloodstain on it.
Hatin' on good posture. But yeah if you haven't soaked them yet then they're going to demolish your testicles afterwards, so I'd return them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roy Biggins -Cashmere tie/cotton coveralls/lizard skin loafers -Petrified wood/ostrich skin/copper guitar The outfit is awesome but I'm actually more interested in the guitar. It looks like it has a story tell. Walkin' Lookin' at a thing on the ground
The general advice is to size up one (or two, depending on preference) because they're smaller than tagged and they shrink. I wear a 30 in everything else and I got a 29, and they're tight. Like, when I take them off, I have selvedge imprints in my legs. Next pair I get I'm going to go for a 30 which should be perfect for the fit I want while not being so tight that I can't wear them if I'm 10 pounds heavy.
I spend more money on alimony, child support and alcohol than I do clothing.
Assuming you've already soaked these they'll definitely stretch to fit you comfortably, and they look great. Some big upturns or cuffs would make them perfect, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie Malcolm X frames (the model name escapes me) Shuron Ronsir. Whenever I get around to getting new frames (possibly in years), I want to check them out, see if I don't look awful in them. I can dream.
Nothing ever change..
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