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I hate this thread, too.
His new avatar is awesome. Real awesome.
Seriously pin the denim thread. And my hate is free for all to hear.
I hate this thread with the passion of a thousand burning suns.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso What's the name of your village? Sounds creepy, a village in Michigan (and with a party store, no less). I like it. The Village of Gaines. Which consists of a post office, a party store, a library, and a bar. As for the Dr. Pepper, the ingredients list sugar rather than HFCS.
The party store in my village is a tiny hole in the wall, and only recently did I notice they were carrying the glass bottle Dr. Peppers. It's a tiny enough place that I can tell when I'm the only person buying something because the stock goes down one by one.. Might have to enjoy it while it lasts. Though they've consistently stocked my sweet Newcastle for a while now, maybe there's hope.
Bottled in Plano, Texas, according to the bottle.
Work clothes Homage to Robbie! Overexposure was accidental but adds to the endeavor. Dr. Pepper and not Mexican Coke, unfortunately, but I was happy to find SOME kind of sugar pop at the local party store.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow So are you going to team up with Black Cherry and kick the shit out of some longhairs? I think we are both men of peace. But, uh. Watch yourself, hippie!
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