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Quote: Originally Posted by PeasantLLC From a couple pages back I think, but I love the hell out of this. What are the shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie Black Cherry, I was curious as to how often you've washed yours? Once thus far, at exactly 2 months. They had mud caked on them in various places, so I pretty much had to.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix Those are some pretty intense knee fades for 4 months.... spend a lot of time on your knees, do you? Just kidding - they look great! What caused the intense fade in that front pocket? Thanks. Haha, actually I DO spend a lot of time on my knees.. Scrubbing toilets and floors and such. Pocket fade isn't from anything cool like a phone or zippo.. Just my asthma inhaler that I never leave home without.
Here's some natural light shots of my APC new cures at 4+ months.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I like the way the Type1 fits there. I'm assuming this is one of the repros Levis made this year? (since it's non-selvage) What's the story behind the blue/yellow? At first I think of a Swedish Nationalist, tho the flag looking patch on the jacket isnt the swedish flag....then I think of a UCLA Bruins fan (blue and gold)....? Jacket is indeed a recent repro. It was like fifty dollars. The...
Wore this goofy shit to work today.. Scarf actually goes with the jacket, I think. Cheap hat from Meijer Non-selvedge Levi's type 1 Glass of rum and creme soda APC NC Doc Martens
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Black Cherry, dig what you're going for but you're using the wrong scarf. The colors are really clashing against the rest of your fit as if you were on your way to a (insert random GetSmart oi band...The 4-Skins) show but ended up going to a UCLA game. A solid color would probably be a safe bet here and would still keep the look visually interesting. Still, great intro the forum. Welcome. Thanks for...
Thanks! Shirt is actually a linen/cotton blend. I don't iron it so it's always wrinkled as hell..
First post! Actually wore this yesterday.. Army jacket Handed-down scarf Levi's western shirt that isn't really visible APC NC and Doc Martens I wear every day
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