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Remember when Chrono rolled his pants and showed ankle and there was a big huff about it being too feminine? Those were good times.
Associations are bullshit and just excuse the ignorant. Unless they're adorned with obviously hate-based symbology (swastikas, etc) it's pretty folly to assume things about a person based on clothes or a haircut. That said there is a certain appeal to the "taking it back" aspect of wearing clothes that have been unfairly demonized. I'd like to think that my strength of character matters for something, and I enjoy informing people about the jamaican influence when they...
Men's clothing is so great because we get a discussion like this over 2 inches of fabric.
As usual Poly puts the rest of us to shame. Here are poor pictures of my new cures fresh from a wash. No idea how much actual wear, but let's say around a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by VolsVolsVols But three cheers for the grunge throwback boots! Hands in pockets are pulling the ass a bit tight, yes. I'm not seeing anything "girly" about it, though. Perhaps if I were wearing boat shoes and no socks, I would be a paragon of traditional masculinity.
Jaxon hat Ben Sherman polo J.crew Khakis Doc Martens
Dig it Warlok, great polo. Quote: Originally Posted by lechon&rice I'm so excited to see the newly opened modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago today! Comme des Garcons shirt Urban Outfitters cotton scarf Edun cotton cardi as skirt J Crew khakis John Varvatos painted canvas sneakers This however is a goddamn mess. I don't really have anything constructive to say other than start over. /threadshit Jaxon hat Ben Sherman...
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser target, jc, brioni, sperry Fantastic hat. Mad jealous. Target?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Here, discuss this: What chinos are these? They are perfect.
Rapists wear desert boots. Desert boots are worn by rapists.
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