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Does it tell time?
Clarification: I use the insoles with my other shoes, I mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie great fit dude. I really need to get some posture foundations to round out my white sneaker repetoire. Thanks. One of the things I love about Flyers (besides them making you run faster and jump higher) is the removable insoles. I wear them with everything. Am I the only one who did a "shit he lost weight" double-take when they saw that pic of Alan C..?
I got it from shirt.woot.com ages ago, it's printed on an American Apparel t-shirt. Pretty much my favorite graphic tee ever and one of the few I wear anymore. Sputnik is hero to all.
Effin' hot today. Investigating the local "wild" life. Battle damage!
Effin' hot today. Investigating the local "wild" life. Battle damage!
Quote: Originally Posted by barims Conversely, I'm still trying to see if I can get away with rolled cuffs (unlike you, I don't suit jeans, so I admire your flair in wearing them). Thanks for the compliment. I have a royal blue cardigan that I could see possibly working with your fit if you're the cardigan type (worn unbuttoned, naturally) Regrettably I've yet to ever put on a cardigan, though I imagine I'm more of a v-neck pullover type of...
Love your use of bold colors, Barims. I'd like to include that royal blue color in my wardrobe eventually, if I can remotely pull it off. It's hot. Summer uniform underway. Ugly face cropped.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite are you in devo? do you work for the dharma initiative? do you mop floors and clean toilets for a living? if your answer to any of these questions is yes, then a jumpsuit may be right for you. Well shit, time for me to buy a jumpsuit!
Quote: Originally Posted by TC1990 I dig it, I've got a soft spot for pushed sleeves. The linen looks kind of out of place with the casualness of the rest of the outfit, though. Quote: Originally Posted by Ozarks Hell yeah. Invisible skateboard!
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