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I think this one fit of mine has generated more discussion than the rest of them combined, from the past year or so. Quote: Originally Posted by j So in short, sorry, burn the coat. Let's not be too hasty, now! It was cheap and it's warm as hell, so it does its job. Getting it to look good is a benefit.
I think the main culprit is the slimness of the jeans. The peacoat could use alteration, but I think it would look better with a lighter-colored chino or somesuch pant with a much larger leg opening. In fact I'll probably try that tomorrow, for comparison. Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo Well, I'm not the best source of criticism considering I'm a fan of what you do in general, but if I had to nitpick I'd say the boots are a tad...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini A piece of evidence... PG2G and his Coke Zero and Jack (right after the random girl behind him called him out for ordering it.) This is some Behind The Music shit. I bet behind the scenes, things are falling apart. Confirm y/n. And of course Jack and diet is girly. There's something other than Jack in it. Landscape shot for Robbie And with the collar up. Lame? Practical? It's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian Which wingtips are those? The Lexington's or the Carleton's? Search me. They're "vintage" I bought on ebay, and I'm no expert on Florsheim models, so I've no clue! Edit: Aside from the sole being different they look just like the Lexingtons on Zappos. Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I always am thinking this when i see you post Black Cherry but usually forget to say it. You have a...
Nothing new, I just <3 fall! Jaxon hat Old generic scarf Schott bomber APC new cures Florsheim wingtips
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I saw you'd posted and came in to this thread to see pics of your grifters... what gives BC? j/k, great fades on the cures btw Hah. Give me a couple months until I wash my grifters again. By then the patches on the knees will probably have holes in them.
APC New Cures at approximately 8 months of wear, washed 4 or 5 times, lost count. LVC 501xx 1947s at approximately 2 months of wear, washed like three times already. Not much going on yet. Levi's Type 1 jacket, owned it for over a year, actual wear time unknown. Washed twice I think. These are all in pretty direct sunlight and look a bit brighter than normal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart you should really look into Jantzen from hong kong for internet MTM shirts. They end up being about $50 shipped. If you do your measurements right and stick with something basic (not overdesigned which is easy to do on their site) you shoudlnt have to worry about any trial/error curve Thanks, they're definitely at the top of my list for such. Bitchin' hat, Biscotti.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart What kind of nicer stuff would you be wearing? this latest look is the most "skinhead" that you've posted.. I think it's interesting (and maybe a bit odd) that you've really taken to the "look of the cult" without being a part of it. Something nicer than a plain white t-shirt, for one. I'm generally lacking in the shirt department, really. I have an easier time rationalizing dropping money on something...
Jaxon hat Levi's type 1 jacket AA tee Generic cheapo suspenders Jcrew chinos Doc Martens Been spending too much time at the Fedora Lounge. Wish I had the bank to wear nicer stuff. Someday!
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