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Yeah mid-Michigan hipsters are of a lower caliber.. Graphic tee, skinny jeans, chucks, weak beard and unkempt hair. Cold weather, add a mall pea coat and a houndstooth scarf. Edit: METICULOUSLY unkempt hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart No it doesnt. the only time (and this is debateable) that a t tuck work is if you were wearing your 1460 boots I dont like the high cuff'd pants with those wingtips. I think that look can work with a heavier shoe like the 1461, but even double soled longwings are too delicate looking. and I'd lower the high water a bit so about 1-1.5" of sock shows, that's too high as you got it there IMO Hmm, yes,...
I think it's been said, but Labelking would make a great Bond villain. Kunk, too. Not actually doing anything today so I'm throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.. Levi's cap Woolmark?? scarf Levi's Type 1 jacket shirt.woot AA tee generic wool fingerless gloves Red Wing belt Levi's 511 AA socks Florsheim wingtips T-shirt tuck doesn't work (As if it ever does). Opinions?
Really interesting stuff, love the pricing. Can't wait for your first-hand account, GS.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie robbie If the socks were red/white stripes and the shoes.. Anything else (Sorry, I hate boat shoes) then this would melt my brain with awesomeness. Doesn't hit the mark, but good on you for trying something new.
I'm 24, I did nine months of accutane a couple years ago, apply 10% benzoyl peroxide to my face every night, and do the whole hot/cold washing, and still have it. Some of us are just fucked.
Weird. You'd think if it costs more, the 110$ ones would at least have a pic of the sole, the only apparent difference, aside from being offered in a smaller range of sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar how are these 65 shipped? Hopefully I'm just missing something. I see they are 110 x .7 = $75. I think you're looking at the "women's" cherry reds, which are 110$ for some inexplicable reason.
Couldn't pass this sale up, grabbed a pair of cherry red 1460s, made in china. Eventually decided that the extra money for the Made in England stamp wasn't worth it, on my budget. 65$ shipped is a fucking steal considering how much I love my black MICs.
Berlin, really nice. A++ would view again. Heeding the call for more "everyday" pics: Lazing around the house on turkey day gob gob Levi's hoodie AA tee Ande Whall Grifters Docs Obligatory smarmy "I'm thankful for smallpox" satire btw, Get Smart, I think The Batman is after you for killing his parents.
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