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Quote: Originally Posted by soulstylist the rack - in a thrift store... Nice! Ben Sherman polo Levi's Type 1 jacket Carhartt belt Jcrew chinos Florsheim wingtips SSDD
That's chapstick popping out of my coin pocket.
Ben Sherman Harrington (bought by my special lady as a Christmas gift) Levi's Western Shirt APC New Cures Doc Martens
Since they were posted, gotta confess the illustrations from the Nick Knight book are a major source of inspiration. Flat-out ape some of them, the guy in the hat and shawl collar is pretty much the reason I started wearing hats. Nice bunch of pics, GS. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Is the shirt pattern supposed to resemble the star of David? Also holy shit tiger claw cufflinks.
Kind of a clusterfuck of styles/colors. Oh well. Jaxon hat Army jacket Levi's western Jcrew Chinos Doc Martens
Quote: Originally Posted by J Darnielle Tie: JCrew Jeans: Paper Denim & Cloth Wearing a knit tie with ripped/distressed jeans doesn't make a lot of sense to me. And without pulling some SF-approved brand knee-jerk shit, I'll just say that some jeans with a wider leg opening would be more flattering. Nothing new or interesting today, just my increasingly lived-in-looking work clothes: Jaxon hat Levi's hoodie Levi's Type 1...
Word, awesome jeans. I think the shoes would look better maybe with just a single cuff or upturn resting on them to fill out the silhouette a bit so they don't look too dainty in comparison.
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