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Way to miss the joke, guys. And nothing looks more terrible than an inseam two inches too long!
^ Ouch. Listi: Jeans are the only thing particularly "non SF approved", which I would attribute more to their being awful than their brand. Something very affordable like Levi's 514s with the proper inseam length would be far better.
Pin this thread! Here are my old streaky Ande Whall Grifters, at something like 10 months of wear, lots of washes, haven't kept track in a while.
I'm beginning to seriously question Why's taste. jk been questioning it for a while. What are the shoes? I'll be more impressed if they actually are beat-up thrift finds.
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW is that a uniqlo flannel black cherry? if so I was wearing the same shirt today. This must mean something special. It's a Ben Sherman shirt and it's not flannel. No specialness, I'm afraid.
Sagging one's jeans is a young man's game and I'm on my way to retirement. PM me for backside pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron She is mighty cute, but how do you know she's his beard? Does the pope shit in the woods? To contribute to this rotting thread, here I am from New Year's Eve. Pose suggested and picture taken by my own beard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Halifamous HI GUYS I AM BACK AND I AM A GOTHNINJA. New Years. Cute beard!
Quote: Originally Posted by breakfasteatre the cut of those chinos knee down doesnt fit the highwater cuff Hmm, noted. Could use a tapering. Quote: Originally Posted by soulstylist I like (of course - well except the trademark smily)! Especially the colour of the wingtips is fab! I'd so like to have NOS Cordo Florsheim Longwings in a UK 7 (US7.5?) - anyone? Thanks. These are just some cheapos that I bought...
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