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If I know I'm not really doing anything, AA tee and jeans. Cleaning-agent-stained hoodie also if it's cold.
So I bought one of their gingham's to check them out. I didn't properly heed warnings and ordered the neck size I usually wear in other, more fat-person oriented brands, and was quite.. Constricted. Did some sewing and let it out a bit and it's wearable, albeit the placket is a bit.. Asymmetrical. I'm quite impressed though, and for the price the fit/style seems just what I'm looking for. Sizing up on future purchases.
It's not unheard of, I just don't think this color combination works at all, and it's too casual to do with matching trousers.
Have you gentlemen forgotten your ABCs? A always, B be, C cuffing. Always be cuffing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Al-Wahid It goes well around your neck, especially when masturbating. Fixed.
I'm confused as to why a small detail like this bothers you when you willingly purchase (and apparently extol) washed jeans.
I can't remember the last time I bought anything at retail price. Because my budget is so small I'm always looking to maximize value/quality/fit for the cost. Lots of ebay prowling and waiting for online sales. I also try to save up and make one big purchase of something I've researched/thought about extensively and will get as much use out of as possible. I have my major clothing purchases of 2009 plotted out and budgeted already, with the most expensive piece being a...
Duran Duran Cock Sparrer Daft Punk Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'n Roll Trio The Kinks
Also important is the quality of the denim/where that's from. Biggest reason to buy LVC and such if you ask me is for the Cone Mills denim.
The recipient of this should hopefully be obvious:
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