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You are correct. I retract my comment. But keep the "Gay" part. Because that's how this thread goes down.
I'm just paying it forward, man. The love that you take is equal to the love that you make. Also, gay. Lot of bullshit in this thread lately. Pics or get the fuck out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger need to get these stupid fucking pants recut. or might just sell them. pants are much darker IRL. boo tanner rrl banana republic Gay.
Chum's wedding in Salem, MA from a couple weeks ago: Possibly my first smile on Styleforum. Tent rented from Men's Wearhouse. \\m/ \\m/ Today: Sterlingwear peacoat Generic scarf Crate jeans Docs Until now I never really considered that tailgating had a name, or was an organized occurance. But I'm not a football fan, and being a football fan from Michigan seems like a rather grim existance anyway.
Jesus I hate the 70s.
Quote: Originally Posted by barims Quoting this because it's awesome and needs to be on this page. I can only presume that immediately after this photo was taken, Barims proceeded to outsmart the Daleks.
Just another work day, so bonus "wildlife" pics. Nothing as awesome as bison. "I'm a sssssnake. :P"
Just another work day, so bonus "wildlife" pics. Nothing as awesome as bison. "I'm a sssssnake. :P"
Thinking oneself better than others because of interest in specific fashion/clothing. Really, guys? "Plebs"? This thread is embarrassing. ... Your mom.
So I acquired a pair of Crate hamiltons. I'm too fat for my LVC 1947s now, and I wanted a selvedge jean in a more traditional cut, and the price was right. Here's fit pics: I'm satisfied. Takes a bit to get used to after two years of only wearing slim and tapered jeans though.
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