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Pic from a recent gig that I thought you guys might enjoy.. Skin and a greaser rockin' together,
Quote: Originally Posted by Ikouja How old are those boots? I'm just wondering because I'm trying to get some cherry doc's and would want to know how long it takes for them to look that nice. For my first probably year and a half in the scene I wore black doc's, then just a few months ago I got oxblood ones so I still haven't had the journey of taking cherry's to oxblood. About two years on the nose, I think? I pretty much wore them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery At the risk of this becoming the Strat-as-a-fashion-item thread, I have an '83 American. Or it could be! It is neither a two-pot model nor is it a Dan Smith (I established that by looking inside the "works"). My guess it is a hybrid - an '83 neck on a different body. I also have a '95 reissue '52 Tele... Okay guys, back on topic quick! Hoo-wee, '83, older than me. If only I could age as...
Indeed! American, 1997, nothing fancy, but she treats me right. Tortoise shell guard is a recent upgrade.
I randomly got the notion that I should pick up a fair isle sweater one of these days, and research led me back here, so I spent the morning catching up. Great thread, as always, and it's particularly cool to hear MoM's anecdotes. Encouraged me to polish up my Chinese cherry reds and take my first WAYW pic in well over a year (surprise, still wearing the same shit everyday). And some extra boot porn:
Quote: Originally Posted by Kodiak Leopard print and M1 Garand girl is outclassing the rest of you unruly kids. Merry Christmases.
Same old, except for new J crew cords.
So wait, do I hate blacks or jews? I'm confused. Also, I have never installed linux on my "box", but I have played a shit-ton of Dungeons and Dragons. So you're on the right track, lovely Eason.
No worries. I can only assume that you are flying high right now.
As tired as I am of the pointless skinhead debate that seems to pop up whenever I post, it's better than whatever the fuck has been going on in this thread for the past few pages. And if anything my wardrobe choices "scream" that I like to get high and listen to jamaican music.
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