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Dunno what the ratio you would consider to be considered low calorie, but I'm a big fan of Cottage Cheese. The kind I get is 200 calories and 26g protein. +1 for tuna although I'm more partial to the olive oil based tuna, tastes far better. Salmon is nice too.
Aside from diet, this is key. I can't recommend using the SS Logbook enough for a beginner:'s been a fantastic resource for me since there's no guessing involved. I plugged in initial numbers (I wasn't at 100 lbs on every single lift, especially bench and OHP) and followed the log exactly. If I struggled on a lift for the day (missed a rep on the last working set or w/e), I'd repeat the day next time around and...
People have started to notice that I've been getting bigger. Funny because I was starting to become discouraged a little due to lack of straight linear progress (I've had to repeat days on SS couple times)... And right now as I got dressed for work, I had a hard time buttoning my shirt at the top and pants are really tight in the thighs. 3000+ calories + squats are really paying off. I can finally use the expression 'feelsgoodman' Although I will say that as I move up...
Awesome! How long do you usually stretch for?
I really need to prioritize ending my workouts with a quick stretch/cooldown. My hamstrings are starting to feel really tight. There's only so much that foam rolling can do (which I always end up doing on days I don't lift)...
There was a video posted in this thread a while back about a dude who broke both wrists while snatching and fell backwards on his elbows but made a ridiculous comeback a year later. Anyone have the link?
Dunno too much about the specifics of the diet but read the gist of it. If you're eliminating simple carbs and in general going to a lower carb diet, you're going to experience "flu" (low energy) like symptoms for a week or two.
What I meant was... since I'm new to lifting (for the record, I'm a little over two months into SS) I'm wondering if it's really worth it to eliminate OHP. It isn't something you'd want to eliminate is it, especially as a newbie? My shoulders end up being fine after a week or two off (till I end up aggravating it again ).
I'll do you one better.Go here: that spreadsheet and enter in appropriate values (there's even a tab for the program you listed above.). It'll tell you how much you should lift each day.There shouldn't be any confusion as to how much you should progress. If you stall, eat more and make sure you're getting adequate sleep.
I'm still a scrub when it comes to lifting so while I can understand cutting back on pull ups, would cutting back on OHP really make sense for someone like me?
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