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Just stumbled on this via Reddit:
Today I learned what a hook grip truly is... All this time I just assumed hook grip meant what is actually mixed grip. I tried it out for my warmup sets and starting at 135#, my thumbnail literally felt like it was being ripped out. Definitely going to start using it more from now on but I'll have to scale back as I get used to it.
Ahaha, I know exactly what you're talking about. Here it is:
Three months later... I'm 158/159. Closing in on 160.Put on decent amount of fat as well, not too bothered so long as I continue to make gains in lifts (or at the very least, maintain)
Thanks for the feedback. And just to clarify, I certainly didn't expect training to be a cakewalk. I guess since I won't be training for speed (more or less looking to run at a 11 min pace), I was deluding myself in thinking that I could still train and maintain gains... I certainly do have to focus on one... These two resources helped me a great deal. Make sure to really get your form down before progressing, even if it means starting with just the bar (which is what SS calls for during warmup anyways...)
Had a surprisingly decent workout today. Had a bit much to drink last night and couldn't sleep most of the night *and* felt like shit most of the morning. Missed the last rep on squats, but not bothered by it. Also any distance runners in this thread? The reason I ask is that I'll be running a half (does this even qualify as distance?) in May and I'm wondering if running four/five days a week (plus one day of cross train) plus lifting heavy 3 days a week would simply be...
+1I used to go with ON from but I stumbled on this brand at WalMart. Much cheaper and tastes pretty good too!
+1 to doing SS right away.I've posted this several times already, but use the excel logbook found in the SS wiki: can tweak it as you wish initially. 100lbs in each of the lifts maybe too high (especially ohp).
Condolences for your loss.
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