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-1 Totally backwards. A good tailor can easily alter sleeve length AND width. Much less can be done for collar and yoke!If you like OTR, verify fabric quality, collar, and yoke in person then take it to a good tailor to have the body and/or sleeves trimmed down. Much more economical IMHO.
Is the Brioni more blue or gray? Thanks.
+1 on the 60s...
What colors is it? Tough to tell from the picture.
Found the measurements on the link. Sorry about that.
Any pictures?
Yeah, I didn't ask. La Vera's a little out of my price range.
+1 for Vittorio at Morigi Milano. I have spent the last month looking around Boston for a couple new high quality suits. I started at Brooks Brothers and tried their Fitzgerald 1818. I ordered one but then had second thoughts and managed to return it before the tailors got their hands on it. I then took a couple trips to Chestnut Hill hitting Mr. Sid and Mosher's, which are two long-lived men's stores in the Boston area. Being younger, Mosher's felt stuffy. The Hickey...
Georgetown Boston College (MBA)
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