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+1I have bought two suits and two sportcoats from him over the past two years and everything has been great. I'm fortunate enough to live closeby and can try everything on though. Most of his suits are going to come in at the top end of your budget ~ $800+.I scored an immaculate Belvest suit off Park and Bond for 600 after New Years. They don't go that low too often so if you see one, grab it. Mine was a 150s wool which normally goes for about $2k.
Measurements and fabric?
True, I should have qualified my statement by saying "sleeves that are too long/wide." I have rarely found OTR shirts where the sleeves were too narrow though.As for the collar, you can certainly replace it but if you're not a fan of the contrast-collar look, it's not going to help you much.
+1 Cotton is a pain in the ass to keep wrinkle free. At least people expect linen to be wrinkled. Pal Zileri makes some nice sportcoats in 70% cashmere, 30% silk. Not sure if they do suits in that blend too. I doubt they're as slim as RLBL but a good tailor might be able to make it work. I'm 6'0 200 and wear 44 with an 8 inch drop and really like the Pal Zileri sportcoat I have.
-1 Totally backwards. A good tailor can easily alter sleeve length AND width. Much less can be done for collar and yoke!If you like OTR, verify fabric quality, collar, and yoke in person then take it to a good tailor to have the body and/or sleeves trimmed down. Much more economical IMHO.
Is the Brioni more blue or gray? Thanks.
+1 on the 60s...
What colors is it? Tough to tell from the picture.
Found the measurements on the link. Sorry about that.
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