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You might try Ledbury's slim shirts. I find them slightly slimmer through the body than Charles Tyrwhitt's extra slim fit and considerably slimmer than Brooks Brothers' extra slim fit.
I concur on both points.
Long story short, we bought the last one of these in Thomas Lighting's stock. It arrived with a damaged shade and the item has been discontinued so we're stuck with a chandelier we love with a dented shade. If one is available in the Sonoran Silk and oil-rubbed bronze finish, I'd be willing to buy the whole piece or just the shade. Willing to drive to pick up within 4 hours of Boston or have it shipped. Please PM me here if you have one. The light can also be seen here...
PM sent.
OK, thanks but I'm going to have to pass since I typically need about 25.75 in.
How much fabric is available to let out in the sleeves of number 2?
PM on the way for #1. Please let me know if you don't receive it.
I'd like the AF blue tie please. Let me know if the PM doesn't come through. I've been having some issues with the PM function on the mobile site.
About to PM on 4
Just wanted to make sure my PM on Kiton #3 made it through.
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