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I think the Qasa's have come at a good time for Y-3, what with the explosion in tech wear x ninja x streetwear whatever that seems to be going on right now. I like the look of them, but they really would not belong in my wardrobe. Already own a pair of Super Positions in white with the red strings...sorely tempted to pick up the all black so I have two trainer options when I'm not wearing Dr Martens.
^ Pretty sure those are Spring/Summer 2011 no? Oh and with regards to the hakamas, my understanding is that it applies to the pleated trousers with a loose straight hem (as opposed to those with drawstring hems).
I think the most important thing to remember is that things are only worth what you are willing to pay for them. If you are just starting to explore Yohji's work, I'd be cautious of spending too much at first - that comes later once you're more confident in terms of knowing what you want. Like others have said forums are perhaps the easiest place to buy, because the quality of photographs will be better and you can usually ask questions via PM from the seller. But whether...
Same. Even though I'm tall, I'm used to rolling up my trousers, and I quite like cropped cuts - especially for boots!
^ I'm 6 foot and have a 30 inch waist, and one of my favourite pairs of Y's trousers is a size LL! Belt it up and rock it I say. My brother has a pair of slimmer YYPH suit trousers, that are remarkably long - I think 36 inch unhemmed? There have been quite a lot of full bodied trousers in the Spring/Summer collections, but I do know what you mean - the styling for Autumn/Winter has seen a lot of slimmer trousers recently. But even so, in stores I don't particularly see...
A few photographs from Yamamoto & Yohji for people who have yet to be able to flick through a copy. Definitely recommend buying it - remarkably comprehensive, covering everything from licensing projects, to hair and make up.
That looks absolutely beautiful!I have the same problem Steven. I'm 6 foot, but I have tiny shoulders, so I end up trying to find either a size 2 with longer sleeves, or a 3 with narrower shoulders (or simply a softer shoulder). I do find raglan sleeves in whichever size the most forgiving though.And yeah, will keep a lookout for one of the thicker wool Y's coats methinks.
Fiver. Sign me up. On the subject of jackets, I have been on the lookout for a thicker Winter coat. I've seen guys in the gab wool coats come Winter, but I imagine there is a lot of layering going on underneath? Was tempted by some of the cashmere wool AAR coats you see pop up from time to time, but thinking they are probably too "formal" for my wardrobe.
Hmm yeah, I guess reformulations were to be expected. I've never had the chance to try the original so I'm not sure to what extent it would be as a result of reformulation, or it just not working on my skin. Will try to give it a few more tries, just to make sure I'm getting the full effect. Oh and as far as I'm aware they're slated for general release in the US for Autumn/Winter?
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