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Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Raymond Massaro and Koronya added to shoemaker list. SW1 and Upper Shoes added to the retailer list. Courtesy of RJman, TKDkid and Marcell. Von Rothbart, it is a honour to have been added to the retailer list! Thank you very much. Thank you very much also to Rjman for having suggested it. I would just make a precisation on the shoes we sell. We have two distinct lines: - the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Very nice fra. Thank you very much! Fra (
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Interesting. I can see it now you pointed it out. The first time around, the wingtips looked more square, but they may also have been because of the little lip they are resting against. Or maybe I'm just blind. Hi Grimslade, you are not blind at all. They appear quite different even in the flesh. In fact different styles can make the same last look quite different.... Fra (
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Nice. I particularly like the last that the monks are on. Thanks for sharing, Fra. Hi Grimslade, you would not tell but the captoe and the monk are on exactly the same last (a moderately elongated last). Apart from the style and leather, some appearance difference is due to the fact that the captoe is Blake and the monk is GY. Fra (
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe those are beautiful. what is the price for the captoe? Hi shoe, I dropped you a private message with some information on our shoes. Kindest regards. Fra (
Thank you all for the kind and much appreciated comments. KPP, you find hereinbelow some photos which show the sole and the waist finish of the captoe. As to the sole the finish is the traditional plain finish used many years ago on Italian bespoke shoes. We can easily make it a bit fancier (an antiqued bicolor, by way of example).
I understand that posts from "professionals", as far as they concern nice shoes, are appreciated on this forum. I therefore attach two photos (of terrible quality but I had a hard time in making them "light" enough to be posted) of two MTO shoes of ours which in my opinion are worth posting: the monk shoe because it is made in a very rare col. 4 Shell Cordovan and the Oxford beacause it came out in a deep burgundy which I personally love (and which is much nicer in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by nmoraitis I have been meaning to pick up this book for awhile. Any thoughts? I think the book is worth having it. Some nice photos and some interesting views about the relation between clothes style-colour and your build up-face. Obviously there is also plenty of tips-comments which will sound obvious for anybody who has a sense of style and knows how to dress. Fra (
T4page, I did not know of this event. I do not think Mario will attend either. He moves with some diffculties (age and weight, he is well over 100 kilos).
Thank you very much Meister. The compliment is even more appreciated because it was made with very little money and with our own means (apart from the strictly technical aspects obviously....)...... T4page, Mario is actually alive (I will see him at dinner in a week time) but just stopped working. Leather is not the same as it used to be, unfortunately...raw materials quality has been going down.... Fra (
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