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If they made this in a bowtie for sure.
I think what you have suggested is fine, I would go a diffrent route but that is my preference. It is good that you stick to what you know and am comfortable with and you should do just fine at this interview.
I prefer a side vent myself, I think it lends it'self to a more tailored fit coat which is what I normaly wear.
I don't usualy go for undershorts myself but I think it is more a matter of personal taste. I think if you do, I would go with a v-neck or something that is not going to show under the shirt.
I looks pretty damn good to me.
It's not really my style, can't say I love it.
It can be done wither way but is usualy done by a center seam.
One trick I use for sweating is to use baby powder I dab it in areas prone to sweating and it really helps.
I would go with the butterfly it is more suited for formalwear.
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